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Living in Moncton

The City of Moncton has never had more to offer. As the economic and commercial centre of Atlantic Canada, Moncton has many of the key qualities that make it one of the best places in the region to live, learn, work, and play.

It is Moncton’s overall drive to succeed, commitment to excellence, desire to move forward, and exceptional quality of life that makes this city what it is, and more and more people are moving here.

Citizens receive excellent municipal services from the City of Moncton, which is consistently recognized as a sports tourism hub for Atlantic Canada as well as one of the best places in Canada to do business.

Find out more about Living in Greater Moncton, cost of living, employment opportunities, leisure activities, and more. (Living in Greater Moncton document prepared by Enterprise Greater Moncton.) 

Living in Moncton

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A neighbourhood plan is a document that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a defined area. More...  

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Broken streetlight? Pothole? Traffic signal not working? If you spot something around our city that needs attention or have general inquiries about our streets, please let us know.

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The City of Moncton has an information aid to help residents know who to call in Greater Moncton for everyday questions and problems. 

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Come, see and learn about Moncton's history. Discover interactive fun for the whole family! resurgo.ca

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