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By-law Enforcement Officer

The by-law enforcement officer ensures conformance to the following municipal by-laws:

By-Law H-102: Prevention of Excessive Noises
By-Law H-202: Animal Control (administrative)
By-Law H-902: Loitering and Begging
By-Law L-108: Regulating and Licensing of Owners and Operators of Taxicabs
By-Law L-402: Licensing and Regulating of Portable Signs
By-Law T-310: Regulation of Traffic, Parking and the Use of Streets (Signs and Panhandling only)*
By-Law Z-202: Zoning (except new developments)*
By-Law Z-807: Dangerous or Unsightly Premises

* Zoning inquiries should be directed to the Urban Planning department: 506-853-3533. Zoning complaints should be directed to the Building Inspection department: 506-856-4375.

The officer investigates complaints from the public on by-law infringement and, when necessary, enforces the by-laws. For more information or to make a complaint, please contact:

Tel: 506-389-5928
Fax: 506-859-2610
By appointment: City Hall, 655 Main Street