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Monctonians are encouraged to respect and comply with municipal by-laws. The province of New Brunswick’s Municipalities Act authorizes cities such as Moncton to create and enforce by-laws to maintain the health, safety, and wellness of the community.

Moncton’s by-laws are enacted by City Council and maintained by the Legal department.


Index of The City of Moncton By-laws

All electronic copies of the by-laws are in portable document format (PDF), which requires Adobe Reader (also called Adobe Acrobat). This application is available to download for free from www.adobe.com.

By-Law # A-102
Repeal of By-laws

By-Law # A-202
Election of Members of Council, Remuneration & Ward Boundaries

By-Law # A-302
Corporate Seal of City of Moncton

By-Law # A-402
Proceedings of Council

By-Law # A-502
Bonding of Officers and Employees of City of Moncton

By-Law # A-602
Water Utility Reserve Fund

By-Law # A-702
Machinery & Equipment Depreciation Trust Fund

By-Law # A-802
Snow Removal Reserve Fund

By-Law # A-902
Designation and Establishment of Business Improvement Area

By-Law # A-1002

Budget for Downtown Moncton Inc. & Special Business Improvement Area Levy

By-Law # A-1113
Adoption of "Short Titles"

By-Law # H-102
Prevention of Excessive Noises

By-Law # H-202
Animal Control

By-Law # H-302
Recreation Areas

By-Law # H-402

By-Law # H-602
Fire Protection

By-Law # H-1004
Operation of Retail Businesses

By-Law # L-108

By-Law # L-202
Transient Traders

By-Law # L-302

By-law # L-402
Portable Signs

By-Law # P-102
Development, Maintenance and Supply of Water

By-Law # P-215

Discharge of Wastewater and Stormwater Runoff

By-Law # P-311
Collection of User-Charges for Water & Sanitary Sewerage Systems

By-Law # P-416
Waste Collection

By-Law # P-506
Alternate Waste Collection

By-Law # T-202
Stop-Up & Close

By-Law #T-310

Traffic and Parking

By-Law # T-410
Use of Streets

By-Law # T-510
Controlled Access

By-Law # T-618
Immobilization of Vehicles

By-Law # Z-113
Municipal Development Plan

By-Law # Z-213
City of Moncton Zoning By-law

By-Law # Z-213
Zoning Map

By-Law # Z-302

By-Law # Z-410

By-Law # Z-507
Residential Properties

By-Law # Z-602
Proper Numbering of Buildings and Lots

By-Law # Z-702

By-Law # Z-807
Dangerous or Unsightly Premises

By-Law # Z-902
Mobile Home Parks

By-Law # Z-1002
Blasting Operations

By-Law # Z-1116

By-Law # Z-1116
Map - Heritage By-law

By-Law # Z-1202
Gravel Pits

By-Law # Z-1302

By-Law # Z-1418
Tall Grasses




This electronic version is an unofficial office consolidation and is provided for convenience only. It has no legislative sanction. It may not, in all respects, be consistent with the paper version published by the city clerk. For the official version of by-laws, reference must be made to the paper version held in the city clerk’s office. The electronic version is updated on a regular basis, regardless of the date at the end of the document. The latest consolidation is indicated after the by-law title.
Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of its contents, the City of Moncton assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the contents of this product.

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