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Proposed By-Laws

Moncton City Council has completed first reading of the municipal by-laws and/or amendments below. The texts of the proposed by-laws are posted here for information purposes. A notation indicating the date of first reading and, where possible, the projected date of second and third reading appears at the end of each text. For information about the text or intent of a particular by-law, send an e-mail to info.clerk@moncton.ca or call the City Clerk’s office at 506-853-3550.

By-Law-Arrêté Z-1116.2
By-Law-Arrêté Z-113.22
By-Law-Arrêté Z-113.22 - Cédule 7.4
By-Law-Arrêté Z-113.22 - Schedule 7.4
By-Law-Arrêté Z-1418
By-Law-Arrêté Z-213.58
By-Law-Arrêté Z-213.59