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Acoustica - Tuesdays

 Acoustica 2014 (Curves - no background)

Victoria Park Line Up! Tuesdays at 7 pm  

Fiddling Friends

July 4: Fiddling Friends

The Fiddling Friends are returning to the stage this summer with their wonderful old time fiddling music! Their vibrant energy and Celtic-inspired fiddling tunes will get you clapping along and dancing on the concert green!


July 11: Chaffrail

Formed in 2009, the group has fun and composes many songs that are very Tintamarre in style and faithful to Acadian folklore. The group released its first CD (On a d'la fun) in July 2010 and the second (Un autre ti boute!) in October 2015. Chaffrail is energetic, and rooted in Acadian folklore. Their songs are generally inspired by personal experiences, and the group takes great pleasure in sharing its Chaffrail rhythms. 





July 18:  Codiac Concert Band 

The Codiac Concert Band was founded in 2003. Under the musical direction of Mr. Chad Dominie, its membership consists of over 45 amateur and semi-professional musicians performing a variety of musical styles in concerts throughout the Metro Moncton area and beyond. The group provides a forum for local musicians to express and develop their musical interests, while also promoting the educational, musical and cultural values of concert bands and concert band music.

Adyn Townes

July 25: Mud City Meltdown - Adyn Townes

At the place where endings become beginnings, you'll find Adyn Townes. He turned a fall into the ocean and months of recovery into his jumping off point. His music is challenging. Alternative indie-folk with raw and honest lyrics. Like finding your feet just before you fall, his songwriting is the gravity that pulls you back to earth. Inspired by the equal-parts hard and smooth voice of David Gray and the clear electric guitar tones of James Bay, Townes is always pushing the boundaries and seeing how close he can get to the edge.Currently working on a new album, produced by Colin Buchanan of Paper Lions, Townes (formerly Andy Brown) is focusing on building the foundation. Formulating floor plans and building from the ground up.