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Fire Pots and Fire Protection

Citizens need to know that certain precautions must be taken when lighting outside fires.


Here are some important details to keep in mind when it comes to fire protection:


As stated in the By-law H-602, outside fires are not permitted within the City of Moncton boundaries except for the following:


· Fires used for the purpose of cooking food on a barbeque; and


· Fires set in an outdoor wood burning appliance, provided:


  • it is located no less than three meters from any building, structure,property line, tree, hedge, fence, roadway, overhead wire or other combustible article;
  • it is not placed on a wood deck or other combustible platform;
  • only one appliance is to be used on the property at any one time;
  • it is used to burn only dry, seasoned firewood;
  • a portable fire extinguisher or operable garden hose is readily available while the unit is in use;
  • the owner or occupant maintains constant watch and control over the appliance when in use and until the fire is totally extinguished; and it does not allow
  • smoke, smell, airborne sparks, or embers to infringe on the use and enjoyment of other properties.


· Fines for violating this by-law vary from $100 to $1,070.


We thank the residents of the City of Moncton for observing these important precautions.

Complaints or information on fire protection: 857-8800