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Garbage & Recycling

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Garbage Separation and Disposal 

The following tips are for non-collectable waste: 

• Waste placed in bins exceeding 76 cm (30 inches) in height will not be collected. This is to reduce the risk of injuries to collectors;

• Explosive or highly combustible materials such as a celluloid cutting, moving picture film, or oil-soaked or gasoline soaked rags and the like;

• Plaster, drywall, fibreglass insulation, lumber, concrete, a boulder or other waste residue resulting from construction, building renovation or a demolition operation;

• Swill, liquid waste, or organic matter which has not been drained and wrapped;

• Recyclable or Compostable Waste which has not been prepared or packaged for collection;

• A tire, car battery, gas or oil tank, automotive part or body;

• Any material which is frozen or stuck to the Waste receptacle or container and cannot be removed by shaking

• Any material or substance which may cause damage to the natural environment;

• Any septic tank pumping, raw sewage, sewage sludge or industrial process sludge;

• Any radioactive material;

• Any ash or ashes

More tips on By-law P-406 - Schedule D 


View the City of Moncton Waste Collection By-Law P-406.


Did you know?

It takes six City of Moncton employees and six waste collection vehicles to collect the solid waste for the entire city, which equals more than 17,000 metric tons each year. This is an average of 65 metric tons per collection night, and 10 metric tons—the equivalent of two elephants— per collection employee!


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