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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the City decide to change its program?

Residents have been requesting an additional bulk waste collection. This new program is a result of a review that looked at cost-effective options that would support community needs.

Why is the bulk waste program only offered on Wednesdays?

It makes it easier for both residents and the collectors to have the service on a consistent day of the week.

What items are considered bulk waste?

Bulk waste generally refers to large waste items such as furniture and White Goods items, such as appliances. Household hazardous waste and construction materials will not be collected under this program. For a detailed list of what will and will not be collected, visit www.moncton.ca/bulkwaste/collection.

Why is there a five week cycle?

It would be too difficult to service the entire city in one day. Breaking down the city into 5 zones makes it a more manageable system.

What happens if my collection week (Wednesday) falls on a Civic Holiday?

 The bulk items will be picked up the following day.

My items have not been picked up.

It may take up to 48 hours to have your items collected. However, if after that time your items have not been collected, please call 383-7020 or email bulkwaste@fero.ca.

How many items can I place at curbside?

Residents can place a maximum of 4 items at curbside. You must schedule a pick-up by calling 383-7020 or by filling out a simple online form at moncton.ca/bulkwaste.

When can I put my items on the curb?

Your bulk waste items must be on the curb by 7 am on pick-up day, but no earlier than 5 days prior to pick-up.

Why do I need to request a pick-up instead of just leave items outside for pick-up on my designated Wednesday?

The “by request” approach allows for a more efficient collection process and enables the City to better manage its resources. Bulk waste items will be collected within 48 hours of the pick-up day. 

What do I do with Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)?

SE Recycles offers two hazardous waste collections per year (Spring and Fall). HHW can also be dropped off at Southeast Eco 360, located on Berry Mills Rd.

How long from when I call or email to when my items are collected?

In each zone, pick-up will always be on Wednesday. Residents must call by the Friday before or submit the the Collection Request Form by the Sunday before to ensure they are on the list for pick-up.  To find out when pick-ups will take place in your neighbourhood, click here.

If these items end up at the dump, do I have to pay for this service?

No, residents do not need to pay a fee for the service. If you choose to dispose of large items on your own, you may be charged a fee at the waste management facility.

Does this impact my regular blue and green bag collection?

No, the Bulk Waste Collection Program is completely separate to the regular blue and green bag waste collection.

Will my regular collection schedule now fall under a neighbourhood zone?

The neighbourhood zoning only relates to the Bulk Waste Collection Program. There is no impact on when your regular waste is collected.

Can I also leave blue and green bags out with my bulk items?

Bulk waste and regular garbage collection are services that operate independently of one another. Blue and green bags will not be collected during bulk waste pick-up. In addition, you cannot leave bulk waste collection items out with your regular waste. 

How is the City able to save costs on this service if it is being offered year-round?

By working with a predictable and manageable “service by request” schedule, bulk waste collection is being made more efficient. This, in turn, has enabled the city to create cost efficiencies to deliver the service to residents. 

What do I do if my items are not collected on the day that you are in my neighbourhood?

Items are scheduled to be collected on Wednesdays, but it could be up to 48 hours later, depending on the time of year and the amount of bulk waste that is being picked up in your zone. If after 48 hours your items have not been collected, please call 383-7020 or email bulkwaste@fero.ca.

Where do these items go once they are collected?

Bulk waste items are brought to the Southeast Eco 360 facility located on Berry Mills Rd.

Can I donate my old items if they are not broken?

If your bulk items can still be used, there are charitable organizations that will take them. For a list of organizations, click here.

I received notice that my items cannot be picked-up because they are not considered bulk waste. Who can I talk to about this?

To contact someone if you have concerns about your pick-up, please call 383-7020. In addition, the bulk waste collection list can clarify what will and will not be collected.

I have a mix of  bulk items and black bags for pick-up. Are the bags considered one of the four items? 

Black bags will not be picked-up by this service. They can be brought to Southeast Eco 360, located on Berry Mills Rd.

I live in a trailer park, is my neighbourhood included in this?

No, only residences currently serviced by regular City waste collection are part of this new collection program.