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Waste Collection Schedule

In an effort to provide quality services to residents, the City of Moncton is committed to a thorough and effective waste collection schedule. Waste collection takes place on different days according to residential areaGarbage - déchets.

Please consult the Waste Collection Zones map to find out when to set out your waste for collection in your area.

**Apartment/condo complexes with more than 5 units, mini-home parks and commercial buildings are not included in the City of Moncton waste collection service

Use our handy search tool to find out when to set out your waste for collection.

Waste Collection Calendar

Waste Collection Calendar

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Holiday Waste Collection

During the statutory holidays listed below, residents may place their household waste at the curb for collection as per the regular schedule. Please note there may be changes to the collection schedule for Christmas and New Year’s Day depending on what day of the week they occur.

Good Friday
Easter Monday    
Victoria Day   
Canada Day   
New Brunswick Day  
Labour Day   
Thanksgiving Day  
Remembrance Day  
Christmas Day 

Boxing Day
New Year’s Day  

Regular pick-up

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste should never be disposed of with regular household waste, unless the containers are completely empty, as they can cause harm to people and to the environment. This includes used batteries, leftover pesticides, or cleaning products. It is also important not to throw these products down drains or into storm drains.

Residents can bring their hazardous waste products free of charge to Southeast Eco 360 on Berry Mills Road every Monday and Tuesday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. This applies to residential hazardous waste only.

View Southeast Eco 360's list of hazardous waste products to learn more, or call 506-877-1050.

Each fall and spring the city organizes Hazardous Waste Days were residents can drop off their hazardous waste material. Information on these drop-off locations and dates will be provided on this website prior to the event.

Winter Tips for Waste Collection

Because of unpredictable winter weather and snow accumulation, please observe the following tips on your waste collection night:

  • Place waste at the end of your driveway, and not on top of snowbanks. This makes it easier for the collectors, who for safety reasons, are advised not to climb on snowbanks.
  • If you think a snowplow will be passing shortly, wait until after it has passed to place your waste curbside.
  • If your waste was not picked up because of a storm, please remove it from the curbside and wait until your next waste collection night.