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Tree Planting Program

As part of the City of Moncton's BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM, the Parks and Leisure Services Department is offering street trees (8-10 feet tall) to Moncton citizens and businesses. 

The trees will be planted along the street frontage within the right of way on municipal property and are being offered for an application fee of $100 (value supplied and installed is $500) on a first-come first-served basis. 

Once a request is submitted, staff from the City of Moncton will evaluate the site to determine if it meets the requirements for tree planting and if approved will select the best tree for the location based on the City of Moncton Tree Protection Standards. In some cases a request will be denied if the civic address has received a tree through this program in the past, proper growing conditions are not met or if there are conflicts with utilities and infrastructure. 

Requests can be submitted any time of the year, however, site inspections will only be performed between May and November when ground conditions allow a full assessment. If the site is found to be suitable for planting the inspector will leave more detailed information and a notice of payment due. Once payment is received the location will be placed on a list for planting. There is a limit of 100 trees per year and approved sites will be placed on a first-come first-served basis for those that have made payment. 

Requests received after August 1st will be deferred until the following planting season. Tree planting will typically be performed in September and October of each year.

The trees are guaranteed for one year from the date planted. Staff will inspect the trees the following season to ensure proper growth. If a tree is to be replaced, the applicant will be notified and the replacement tree will be planted in the fall. Trees will only be replaced once.