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Tree Planting Program

As part of the City of Moncton's BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM, Parks and Leisure Services is offering mature trees (8-10 feet tall) to Moncton citizens and businesses.

The trees are being offered at an application fee of $100 (value supplied and installed is $400) on a first-come first-served basis. There is a lifetime limit of one tree per civic address.

The tree must be planted on city-owned property only. Staff from the City of Moncton will evaluate the site to determine if it meets the requirements for tree planting and will select the best tree for the location based on the City of Moncton Tree Protection Standards.

The City of Moncton reserves the right to refuse an application if the proper growing conditions are not met.

Prior to tree planting, a wooden stake will be placed to indicate where the tree will be planted. If there is a problem with the location, please call Ellen Walker at 853-3511. Do not remove stake as its placement is determined by location of underground utilities such as gas, water, and sewer.

The tree is guaranteed for one year from the date planted.


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All applications are subject to approval by the City of Moncton according to the planting specifications in the Tree Protection Guidelines.   Applications will be reviewed within 10 business days.  Payment will be required within 30 days of approval in order for submissions to be accepted.