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Recreation, Parks & Culture


The City of Moncton is responsible for many of the ‘quality of life’ services that contribute to our reputation as an outstanding city. We provide world-class recreation options, foster arts and culture, invest in parks and green spaces and overall quality customer service.

ArboristThe vision is to be innovative and responsive to communities and neighbourhoods in the provision of leisure opportunities through attractive parks, green spaces, trail networks and recreation infrastructure.

The mission is to foster an active lifestyle for Monctonians by providing recreation and leisure choices and opportunities for all to live and play.

We are a recognized leader in pursuing bold goals and big dreams through community facilitation and engagement, environmental stewardship, and product development.

We are responsible for the management, operations, maintenance, design and capital development of the City’s parks, grounds, and green space infrastructure. We also facilitate delivery of grass roots recreation, cultural and heritage services, work with community sectors to ensure public has full access to wide-ranging recreational/cultural experiences and opportunities, and ensure all citizens have equal access to green spaces, facilities and community programs.


Arts & Culture

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