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Active Transportation

Two-way left turn lane

Moncton is a vibrant and dynamic city that places a high importance on active living. To that end, the City has developed an Active Transportation Plan to steer the community towards a healthier lifestyle.

Active Transportation Routes
Active Transportation Master Plan

The City is ensuring the development of the trail and shared lane network through a clearly defined implementation plan.

Bike Lockers

Bike Lockers

Click here for information on our Bicycle Locker Program.

Share the Road

An important part of Active Transportation is to learn to share the road . Moncton is pleased to provide safe routes for walking, running and cycling. Let's all to do our part by following the rules of the road and by sharing the road with all users.

Please see documents below for more information on share the road

New Brunswick Driver's Handbook

Section 4: Rules of the Road
4.23: Pedestrians
4.24: Traffic on the highway
4.26: Bicyclists
Section 6: Sharing the Road
6.4: Drivers and Bicycles
6.5: Drivers and Pedestrians

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