Fit Facts

  • Most physical activities do not require any special athletic skills, so do what you like doing. 
  • Physical activity doesn’t need to be strenuous to achieve health benefits.
  • As you become more physically fit, most people feel physical activity gives them more energy than they had before.
  • Social support from family and friends is consistently and positively related to regular physical activity.
  • Regular physical activity can help: reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, lose extra pounds, control blood pressure, lessen a person with diabetes need for insulin, and boosts the level of "good" HDL cholesterol.

Not only will you look and feel better about yourself with regular physical activity, but you will also be contributing to the prevention of many health risks and diseases.  "Being physically inactive has the same impact on your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes each day." - Dr. Nick Busing, College of Family Physicians of Canada

By being "in motion" everyday,  you gain physical, social and emotional benefits. You will notice:

  • Better health;
  • Improved fitness;
  • Better posture and balance; 
  • Better self esteem;
  • Reduced body fat;
  • Stronger muscles and bones; 
  • More energy; 
  • Improved relaxation and reduced stress; and
  • Continued independent living in later life.

The health risks of not being "in motion" include: 

  • Premature death;
  • Heart disease; 
  • Obesity; 
  • High blood pressure; 
  • Type II diabetes; 
  • Osteoporosis; 
  • Stroke; 
  • Depression; and
  • Colon cancer.

If we could increase the level of physical activity by 10% nationally, we could save the health care system $5 billion!