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Art Acquisition Policy

The City of Moncton adopted an Art Acquisition Policy on March 16, 2009 to improve and formalize the general management and handling of the municipal art collection. The new policy includes a process and selection criteria that allows the City to maintain the art collection’s level of quality.

Key elements included in the policy include:

  • Process and criteria for the acquisition and de-accessioning of artworks.
  • Establishment of a body responsible for the selection of works.
  • Guidelines for the purchasing of artworks, if and when resources allow. 
  • Process for outgoing loans to organizations.
  • Process for incoming loans to the City for special projects.

The term “Acquisition” in “Art Acquisition Policy” refers to acquiring works whether through donation or gift, purchase, bequest, commission, exchange or other means. In the case of the City’s art collection, art is most often acquired through donations. Since the collection was founded in 1985, more than 700 artworks have been offered to the City of Moncton by more than 230 artists.

Two of the main objectives of the collection are to promote the appreciation of art and the talent of our artists, and to display the art collection for the public to appreciate.

Many of the works of the City collection are on display in municipal facilities, and through its loan program, at organizations such as the RCMP, the Moncton Public Library, Moncton HeadStart, and others.

Those who are interested in donating an artwork to the City of Moncton’s art collection may contact the City’s Arts & Culture division at 853-3587 or by e-mail.