Inauguration Date:



Ecological Park, Université de Moncton (Moncton campus), Moncton, New Brunswick.

Description of Artwork:

Shaping of an opening in the slope of the park; plantation of several snow ball trees; and placement of stone blocks that accompany this “Entrance into Nature”.

A Word on Artist Nils-Udo

Nils Udo, born in 1937, was a painter before discovering nature as space for his art in 1972. In nature, he finds basic elements and materials that he arranges in completely novel ways: a nest made of birch, earth and stones; a monumental water house in the North Sea built with tree trunks and birch twigs; a plantation of alders on a boat made of earth… For this artist, an artwork goes through life in all its stages. It is born, grows, ages and dies.

The projects carried out in urban spaces also play an important role in his work. What is important to the artist does not stem from the museum; he seeks to find appropriate accesses to nature. He establishes a spiritual and aesthetic order dialogue with nature.

His works have never had a destructive effect on nature. He also doesn’t hesitate to create works that have moral significance: commemorative monuments made of dead trees bear witness to the consequences of our civilization.

Nils-Udo is constantly designing new projects, from Canada to the Réunion and throughout Europe, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico and the United States. He has received many awards for his works. Notably, he was awarded the first prize at the Triennale internationale de la photographie in Freiburg and the top prize at the international competition of Éole Park in Brest.

Biography taken from the Université de Moncton website