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Mouvement sur la Petitcodiac


Félix Roulin

Inauguration Date:



This work is located in Sommet Art Park in front of the Aberdeen Cultural Centre, at 140 Botsford Street.

Description of Artwork:

This piece is made of rough stone and smooth fragments of the female form. The large stone is cracking in several places, and the body parts are exposed within these crevices. This artwork, mixing bronze and stone, opens “fissures of sensuality” in the rough matter. One notes the perfect balance between the shorn masses contrasting with the round shapes of the human body. This artwork was created on the occasion of the VIIIe Sommet de la francophonie in 1999.

A Word on Artist Félix Roulin – Belgium

After studying at the École d’Art de Maredsous (1945-1951), Félix Roulin is drawn to the arts of coppersmithing and silversmithing. His imagination motivates him to create new, unexplored shapes and forms with these materials. Ambassador of Walloon art, this abstract sculptor also works with bronze. Out of his sculptures often emerge both rusting steel and stainless steel. His repertoire of shapes remains the same: fragments of human bodies moulded from life appear in the dark, deep crevasses of the brightly polished metal surface.

Félix Roulin has participated in several major world exhibitions including Sao Paolo Biennials (1967 & 1977), Inventer 89 à la Vilette in Paris, and Art Olympiads in Seoul (1989).

Untitled - Sans titre

Untitled - Sans titre