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The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm 


Cecil D. Long


This work is located in the Greater Moncton International Airport.

Description of Artwork:

This painting is done on canvas, but hangs unframed like a wall tapestry. It depicts a ship breaking through high waves into the “eye of the storm”.


The Eye of the Storm is about a ship in distress, fighting the conditions of the water. Cecil
thinks that there is something for everyone in his paintings, and he believes that they are
all separate from him once they are completed. Art is for the viewer to decide, and he thinks about its affect as a dual concept of visceral and cerebral. He hopes that his work gives people an emotional reaction and then a mental reaction, provoking thought and knowledge.

A Word on Artist Cecil D. Long

Although born and raised in Moncton, Cecil D. Long has traveled the world as a couture buyer and an artist. Returning to Moncton in the early 1980s, he opened up his first boutique on Main Street.

Today, Cecil D’s 134 has evolved thanks to Cecil’s passion and discovery of fine art. For the last 18 years he has been studying and creating unique artworks including both sculpture and painted pieces.

Combining fine art and clothing may not be the most common way for an artist to exhibit, but Cecil has successfully married both. He is presently in the process of sculpting a tree outside his store that will pay homage to our community.

Although Cecil’s work can be found in collectors’ homes worldwide, they can also be found locally at car dealerships, downtown restaurants and at The Greater Moncton International Airport, which showcases two one-cubic ton sculptures.

Cecil says that out of all the places he’s lived and visited, he will always consider the Atlantic region home, thanks to its great sense of community and the beauty of its people.

(Source: www.cecild.com)


eye of the storm