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Irishtown Nature Park

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Irishtown Nature Park LogoThis park is unique in that it offers a wide variety of habitats to explore from Acadian forests to wetlands, aquatic/terrestrial environments and much more. This picturesque nature park consists of 2,200 acres of forest and 250 acres of water.

The Irishtown Nature Park features a wonderful setting for outdoor environmental experiences with many kilometers of forested trails. Several  trail systems provide an opportunity for  hands on personal experiences with nature. The blue trail (1.1 km) starts at the Tankville School (a historic museum displaying an original one room Tankville Schoolschool house in the top section of the building and the basement serves as a community center for meetings and various outdoor activities) and ends at a new parking lot on the northwesterly boundary of the park.  There is a loop trail used by school groups that is 680m long that leaves and returns to the parking lot. This trail is a natural trail with a chipped surface due to wet areas. It is used by walkers, hikers and snowshoers in winter.

This school was fully restored by the Elmwood North Community Association and many volunteers from the community.  The Tankville School is also used for outdoor education programs with the Anglophone East School District run by the City of Moncton. For rental information, contact Sue Sherwood at 858-0738.

Seasonal programs are designed through the Parks & Leisure Services specifically to grade level and are meant to compliment what is learned inside the classroom and reinforced in the real world – outdoors.

The park history (city's first water supply in the 1800’s) is valuable information that is portrayed to visitors entering the park through interpretive signage at the spillway.

Map of Irishtown Nature Park


The red trail (4.7 km) starts at the main parking lot on Elmwood drive and circles inside park boundaries. This trail is surfaced which makes it accessible for all to walk, groomed in the winter as well for walking.  This multiuse trail is used by walkers, runners, wheel chairs, bikers and hikers.

The yellow trail (5.8 km) also begins in the main parking lot see park entrance signage. This trail is a more natural trail made for the adventurer that runs along the lake some sections where it is wet have been chipped for easier access. This trail is used by hikers, walkers and snowshoers in the winter.

The blue trail (1.1 km) is a nature trail that begins in a maturing hemlock forest and runs through various other forest stands that are typically found in the Acadian Forest. This trail is used for outdoor science-based education/interpretation as there is so much to explore on this trail.

Map of Irishtown Nature Park

Bird watching

Irishtown Nature Park BridgeThe park boasts a spectacular system of trails that make an excellent venue for one of the city's favorite pastimes: bird watching. A feeding station along the way attracts birds of all species, and allows amateur ornithologists an opportunity rarely seen in these parts. St. Michaels Scout Troop maintains bird feeders throughout the winter months in cooperation with the City of Moncton. What a wonderful opportunity to see colorful woodland birds set against the backdrop of this majestic nature park! Chickadees are most common, but one can observe nuthatches, yellow finches, purple finches, hairy and downey woodpeckers and doves.

There are a variety of feeders to observe: peanut butter feeders, suet feeders, Black Oiled sunflower seed silos, Niger seed silos, and platform feeders.

Download and print the Field Checklist for Birds and see what species you can find!

Blue-Green Algae

In response to the blue-green algae bloom in the Irishtown Nature Park reservoir between 2007-2012, the City of Moncton has taken a scientific and educational approach to solving the problem by partnering with Dr. Alyre Chiasson of the Biology Department of the Université de Moncton and the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance. Blue-green algae

Algae Bloom update - Sept. 4, 2013

Algae Bloom update - August 26, 2013

Algae Bloom update - August 21, 2013

Algae Bloom update - August 14, 2013

Algae Bloom update - July 31, 2013

Algae Bloom update - July 24, 2013

Algae Bloom update - June 24, 2013

Update to Research Study at the Irishtown Nature Park Reservoir


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