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Recreation Master Plan

Recreation Master Plan

Quick Facts about Moncton’s Recreation Master Plan

  • Adopted by City Council in 2008
  • The plan includes both existing parks and future park development
  • Includes recommendations for improvements to parks as identified from public consultations
  • Aims to provide a park or green space to every resident within a 5 to 10 minute walking distance
  • Aims to provide a regional park to every resident within a 10 to 15 minute walking distance
  • Capital budget funds have been allocated annually since 2011 for the implementation of the plan
  • By the end of 2017, there will be 37 park upgrades or new development since 2011
  • There are 21 playgrounds with water features throughout the city

…Successful public spaces are safe, fun, charming and welcoming


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Park maintenance

To report a maintenance concern, fill in this form or call our 24/7 dispatch at 506-859-2643.

How parks are designed 

Parks and public spaces are for everyone. They are the places where people from all ages and walks of life can enjoy the outdoors. The key to building successful spaces is obtained when arranging elements in a way that greatly increases the chances of activity occurring around them. When such elements are arranged closely together, the placement becomes a destination and a place that attracts desirable activity.

It is important that spaces be designed in a way that encourages healthy activities and discourage unhealthy ones. This can be accomplished by means of ensuring sight lines into the space remain open and by placing activities close to places where it can be seen by the public. 

Climate change and global warming have had significant impacts on space design. It has become increasingly important to provide shade for young children and the elderly, through the inclusion of shade shelters and shade trees in order to provide relief from the heat and UV rays.

Coming Soon!

These parks will be renovated in 2018:


16 Community Avenue (Westbrook Circle Park) In construction
60 Auburn Circle (Auburn Circle Park)Construction soon
70 Silverwood Crescent (Silverwood Park)Construction soon



Park Upgrades

The following parks have been completed as part of the Recreation Master Plan implementation:

220 Barrieau
216 Bond
150 Brentwood
25 Burlington
45 Centre
35 Chelsea
71 East
120 Ellerdale
55 Elmhurst
188 Freeman
139 Gagnon
1 Gurney
135 Hedgewood
100 Holland
75 Knox
170 Lorne
115 Maplehurst 
48 Monte Carlo
1004 Muirfield
280 Noel
100 Olympic 
2 Parlee
85 Reade
15 Rosedale
387 Salisbury
9 Thanet
289 West
170 Wynwood 

...In order to create successful public spaces it is important to tap into the ideas and talents of the community to decide what will be done to improve an existing space. 



consultation@moncton.ca or 506-383-6223