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Park on Candlewood Drive

The existing Candlewood Park is central to neighbourhood play activities.  The new conceptual plan takes into account growing neighbourhood requirements and projected level of use.  Almost all of the existing features are replaced or improved including:

  • A shelter with permanent furniture 
  • A new low-water use splash pad, suitable for all ages
  • Trails connecting the playground and tennis courts to the road
  • New park benches and tables 
  • New high-activity play equipment suitable for individual and group play for a wide variety of ages
  • Keeping the existing open grass area for mini-soccer, community gathering space, or field games (volleyball, frisbee, football, etc.)
  • Preservation of the tennis courts 
  • Area for raised gardening boxes or community gardens with access to water can be provided

Drainage in the existing park will be improved where possible.  There will be new trees and a privacy hedge. The main park trail will lead to an accessible curb at the road. Supervision and security will be enhanced with all play equipment grouped together for visibility and the shelter will be located in the middle so that parents and care-givers can supervise all activities


Proposed New Concept

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Parc Candlewood Park 


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