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Park on Community Avenue (Westbrook Circle)

The existing Westbrook Circle Park is host to a wide variety of neighbourhood activities.  The new conceptual plan takes into account changing neighbourhood requirements and projected level of use.  Almost all of the existing features are replaced or improved including:

  • A larger shelter with permanent furniture 
  • A new low-water use splash pad, suitable for all ages
  • A permanent trail link leading to the Northwest Trail
  • New park benches and tables 
  • New high-activity play equipment suitable for individual and group play for a wide variety of ages
  • Flat open grass areas for use as a rink in winter or community gathering or field games (volleyball, frisbee, football, etc.)
  • Preservation of the existing ball field
  • Area for raised gardening boxes or community gardens with access to water is proposed

The existing parking area will be reduced to allow more grass play area and it will be resurfaced to reduce mud and puddles.  The existing basketball half-court and net will be removed and replaced with a grass area which can be transformed into a rink in the winter.  Water services for the splash pad and rink will be brought into the park.  The edge of the forest will be trimmed back to make more playground space. Supervision and security will be enhanced with all play equipment grouped together and the shelter will be located in the middle so that parents and care-givers can supervise all activities. The park entrance will be gated during the off season.  

The existing concrete slab at the park will remain and can be used for various activities.  Should the community desire to explore fundraising opportunities, the surface is suitable for skate ramps or could be adapted for a small basketball court; however, these options are outside the scope of this project.  The City would assist in mobilizing community resources and in the selection of ramps or equipment as per municipal standards. 

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Parc Westbrook Circle Park

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