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René-Arthur Fréchet Park


Rene-Arthur Frechet Park - photo

Location: 45 Centre Street

Existing park elements: Play equipment (2-5 years); Play equipment (5-12 years); Swings; Water feature; Shelter; Basketball court; volleyball area; Site amenities (picnic table, bench, storage, dog bags)  

Park name
The park at 45 Centre Street was previously known as Sunny Brae Park.  In the near vicinity, a second park at 85 Massey Avenue was also known as Sunny Brae Park.  In order to comply with emergency services, in 2012 Moncton City Council adopted a new name for the park at 45 Centre Street of René-Arthur Fréchet, a prominent Moncton Architect. R.A. Fréchet designed the Provincial Bank of Canada Building and many others in the city such as the Taillon building on the campus of the Université de Moncton, visible from the park.

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René-Arthur Frechet - coming soon