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Victoria Park Fountain Replacement

We are seeking your feedback on the fountain in Victoria Park! Review our proposed plans for the upgrade and complete the online survey by July 31, 2016. 

Join us at Victoria Park (175 Park Street) for a community meeting Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. (In case of rain: Moncton City Hall, 655 Main Street)

Victoria Park Fountain_current


Victoria Park Fountain Replacement

The proposed options for the fountain replacement are designed to meet the following objectives:

Historic appropriateness
The fountain is a permanent feature of the park located on the axis of several walkways. It acts as a visual element four seasons of the year and as a destination for social interaction. The proposed fountain details are based on historic precedence from the Victorian era. This includes an ornate center piece surrounded by detailed paving.

The fountain floor is designed for people to approach the fountain center piece and touch the water which falls from the piece to the ground. The fountain also includes ground jets that spurt  randomly creating interest and opportunity for interaction. 

Water conservation
The water system includes aerated jets to maximize the visual effect using as little water as possible. The main fountain will be installed to run from dawn to dusk and the ground jets will be activated by the user.

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