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Report a Problem


Whose job is it?

The City of Moncton has created an information aid to help residents know who to call in Greater Moncton for everyday questions and problems. 

Broken streetlight? Pothole? Traffic signal not working? If you spot something around our city that needs attention or have general inquiries about our streets, please let us know.

Though we do routinely verify the state of our roads and equipment, we appreciate your help.  The City of Moncton thanks you for keeping your eyes on our roads, and helping make our streets safer for all.

To notify us of any issues relating to our streets, please contact us at 506-859-2643 or at info@moncton.ca.*

*Please be advised that this email address is monitored during regular City Hall business hours, and that a response will generally be sent within 2 business days.

Parking Meters

For issues with City of Moncton parking meters** (ex: not accepting coins, or is damaged), call 506-859-2656 or email info.parking@moncton.ca

**Please note the seven-digit meter number to help us better serve you by tracking the right meter.