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Street and Trail Name Bank

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The City of Moncton has updated its Naming Policy for Streets, Trails and Civic Facilities. Highlights include:

  • Public safety is of utmost importance.
  • Special attention is given to names that reflect the nature and heritage of our community. 
  • In most cases, street and/or trail names will need to be taken from the Name Bank.
  • Special attention will also be placed on the linguistic nature of the Names selected – staff will work with the development community to ensure an overall ratio of 45% English names, 45% French names and 10% other, to be achieved going forward on a yearly basis.

Any names selected from the list must be confirmed for usage by the Urban Planning Department prior to including them on a Tentative Subdivision Plan.

Name Bank Submissions

Have an idea for a street and/or trail name? Review the following criteria and submit yours today!

Proposed name must fall under at least one of the following categories to be considered:

  • A name to honour a noteworthy person associated with the history of the City of Moncton or who made a significant contribution to the City of Moncton.
  • A name to honour Monctonians that served in the Canadian military.
  • A name (person, place or thing) that has cultural and/or historical significance to Moncton, New Brunswick or Canada.
  • A name that recognizes the wildlife, flora, fauna or natural features of Moncton and New Brunswick.
  • A name which celebrates and/or is unique to a particular location or part of the city.

Note: Names of living persons shall only be used in exceptional circumstances.

Ensure that the proposed name is:

  • unique (note that we cannot chose a name that already exists in Dieppe or Riverview);
  • not commercial in nature;
  • not derogatory or offensive in nature;
  • does not exceed 20 characters (including prefix/suffix and spaces in between letters) Example: Rue_Highfield_St = 16 characters; Boul_Highfield_Blvd = 19 characters;
  • spelled with all applicable accents, and;
  • no names shall be similar sounding to existing street or trail names.

Finally, once you have selected a name (or several) that respects all the criteria, please complete the online submission form to submit your ideas.


Street and Trail Name Submission Form