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By-law Enforcement

In accordance with By-law T-310, it is not permitted to park a vehicle on any Moncton street from December 1st to April 15th between midnight and 7 a.m. Non-compliant vehicle owners are subject to a fine and their vehicle could be towed at their expense. This restriction is in effect regardless of weather or street conditions.

As per By-law T-410, No person shall put, place, throw or sweep upon any street, or cause to be put, placed, thrown or swept upon any street any snow, dirt, rubbish, refuse, garbage or waste of any kind.

Anyone caught placing snow on streets or sidewalks can face a fine of $200.

If you see anyone (residents, contractors, etc.) placing snow onto streets or sidewalks, disrupting the normal flow of traffic, please report it to our By-law Enforcement Office at 389-5928 or by email at info.enforcement@moncton.ca.