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Sidewalk snow clearing

During a snowstorm, after street clearing has begun, sidewalk plows are called into action.

Snow clearing on sidewalks will be completed in the following priority:

Priority 1: Both sides of arterials (ex: Mountain Road), one side of collectors (ex. Evergreen), one side of the downtown core streets (with the exception of Main St. and St. George St. which are cleared on both sides) and sidewalks adjacent to schools and hospitals and some bus routes.

Priority 2: Remaining downtown sidewalks on the Sidewalk Snow Plow Plan, the other side of some collectors, bus routes and other sidewalks on busy streets

Priority 3: Remainder of sidewalks on the Sidewalk Snow Plow Plan, mostly residential areas. 

Once one priority section is complete, crews will proceed to the next priority list until all sidewalks on the plan are cleared. Some additional clearing may be required once a storm ends.

If additional snowfall occurs while snow clearing is underway, operations will revert back to the top of the priority list.

Factors considered in developing sidewalk priorities include traffic volume, pedestrian volume, school zones, hospitals, and churches. To minimize costs and maintain service, many streets only have one side plowed.

The City currently clears snow from approximately 270 kilometers of sidewalks out of a total of approximately 441 kilometers.  This approach prioritizes sidewalk plowing in a logical fashion and allows for a better structure for providing a consistent order of work and provides a good level of connectivity throughout the city.

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Sidewalk Snow Priorities