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Snow storage facilities

Snow Clearing - Snow DumpTwo snow storage facilities are operated by the City of Moncton. The first is located at Berry Mills Road, which is the main area for snow disposal. This facility allows for space for storage and disposal of surplus material and reclaims asphalt for operations for both City and private haulers. Sediment ponds are used to manage any environmental impact caused by any chemicals that could be found in the snow.

The second site is located near the Causeway, which is used strictly for City operations.

Some private snow storage facilities operate throughout the City during the winter months under strict provisions. These sites are used exclusively for private contractors who conduct snow clearing for private business. These locations are:

  • Salisbury Road
  • Arsenault Court
  • Crowley Farm Road
  • Church Street
  • Steadman Street
  • Dowd Street
  • Lewisville Road
  • MacAleese Lane
  • Raymond Street
  • Trans-Canada Highway (near Harrisville Blvd)