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The average household water and sewer bill is approximately $207 per quarter. This provides approximately 47.5 cubic metres (equivalent to 12,225 four-litre containers) of quality drinking water delivered right to your tap.

The bill also includes the cost for collection and treatment of all household sewage. The quarterly charge includes a fixed component (base rate) and a usage or variable component (consumption rate). The revenue generated from the sale of water to our customers is used to maintain, upgrade and replace water and sewer assets, including transmission and distribution mains, Turtle Creek Reservoir operations, treatment facilities, pumping stations, storage tanks, hydrants, manholes, customer service lines and meters.

City of Moncton Water Rates:

Tarifs d'eau de la Ville de Moncton 2017

Bulk water rate (per cubic meter) - $2.075


City of Moncton Wastewater (sewer) rates:

 City of Moncton Wastewater (sewer) rates 2017


Quarterly charges for a typical family of four:    

Greater Moncton Sewage Commission (GMSC)*


Water base rate            


Water consumption ($1.620/m3)**   


Sewer base rate


Sewer consumption ($0.455/m3)**


Total Charges                         $207.06


 *Fixed Charge - GMSC - 2017 - $210.00/year (2016 - $210.00/year)

**Calculations based on 2014 Average Consumption.