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Wastewater from Moncton is collected by the City’s sanitary sewage system and transported to the TransAqua (Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission) treatment plant in Riverview.

This facility uses chemical assisted primary treatment to remove contaminants from the wastewater before returning it to the Petitcodiac River. TransAqua also operates an innovative, internationally recognized bio-solid compost facility that produces class “A” compost.

Visit the TransAqua website for more information.


What not to put down your sink or toilet!

Residents should be very careful when flushing items down their toilet or when pouring liquids down the drain.

Liquids such as oil, paint and petroleum products should not be flushed or poured down the drain as they do not mix with water, attach to pipelines, can create a nasty odour in adjacent houses and adversely affects the environment. Food grease can also block sewers, cause sewer back-ups, and property damage.

Objects such as swiffers and personal hygiene products can block main sewers, cause damage to houses, and increase operational costs, which can in turn translate into tax increases.

There are a number of items that are a common cause of sewer blockages or equipment failure at sewage treatment plants.

If disposed down sinks or toilets, the following items may jam pumping equipment and harm the treatment process:
· Personal hygiene products
· Cotton buds or tips
· Cleaning cloths
· Nappies and nappy liners
· Baby wipes
· Children's underwear
· Children's toys
· Fats and oils (see more info below)

Fats and oils
Fats and oils clog your sinks, drains, and pipes, causing expensive blockages.
This and other waste can also damage the system that protects our creeks, rivers and oceans. To help prevent this, wipe pots and pans with a paper towel before washing or let fats and oils cool and solidify before disposing of in the rubbish or on your compost heap.
So Remember: Bin it…Don't flush it!

What should you do with hazardous chemicals, paints and motor oil?

May household products contain chemical ingredients that can cause damage if disposed of into the sewerage system. If poured or flushed down the drain, they harm the treatment process and the environment.

Ask your local pharmacy or council for advice on how to dispose of items that might contain chemicals, including:
· Unwanted medicines and pills 
· Paint 
· Motor Oil 
· Pesticides