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Water and Wastewater Rate Structure

A new user rate structure and new water and wastewater rates have been implemented to address the following:

  • Water consumption and wastewater usage by different types of users;
  • Total anticipated water and wastewater demand;
  • Full recovery of system operating costs;
  • Full recovery of capital infrastructure financing needs; and
  • Establishment of reserves to fund the rehabilitation and replacement of infrastructure

The new structure increases fairness and is more reflective of the many different kinds of properties in Moncton. The impact of the new water and wastewater rate changes will depend on how much water you use and the size of the connection servicing your property. 

Please note that actual 2018 rates will not be available until December 2017 when the Utility Operating Budget is ratified by Council and may vary based on finalized budgeted Utility Operational costs.


Rate Structure Study Process