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City of Moncton Wins Award for Downtown Wi-Fi Network

In June 2007, the City of Moncton began offering free wireless Internet in certain areas in its downtown core including City Hall Plaza, Assumption Plaza and Riverfront Park using state-of-the-art ‘Wireless Mesh’ technology that supports laptops and other standard wireless devices.

Residents and visitors can now access free wireless Internet at the Crossman Community Centre-Kay Arena, the Moncton Public Library, and most of the Codiac Transit bus fleet. As for concertgoers, there’s also seasonal coverage of the Magnetic Hill Concert Site.

In October of 2007, Moncton became the first city in Canada to deploy public broadband Internet on public transit. This was made possible thanks to a partnership between the City of Moncton and Codiac Transit. Powered by Red Ball Internet of Moncton, this innovative service is free and available to anyone who has Wi-Fi enabled technology.

In June of 2008, Moncton’s free Wi-Fi service won the Community IT Hero Award, presented by Intel. The award celebrates and recognizes creative and innovative applications of information technology that significantly improve the lives of Canadians all the while demonstrating social and economic benefits.

This initiative has certainly contributed in making our downtown area more vibrant and attractive to residents, visitors and businesses.

In the coming months the network will be expanded to include more public spaces.