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Skateboarding Committee

The City is looking to create two youth committees to advise staff of the needs and priorities of each respectable committee.
The deadline for the online registration is January 28, 2011.
A selection committee will review all applications and contact the successful candidates. Both committees will have their first meeting by the end of January 2011.

The skateboard committee will focus on activities and programs for the existing Moncton Skateboard park located on Assumption Blvd. (Downtown).

The bike committee will focus on the various types of biking (excluding motor bikes) and determine the needs for biking infrastructure in the Moncton area.

Each committee will be meeting once a month or as needed. One of the City’s priorities is to implement a five-year Recreation Master Plan, which includes the provision of skateboarding and biking amenities.
For more information, please contact Parks & Leisure Services at Nadine.melanson-leblanc@moncton.ca.

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Do you currently use the Moncton skateboard park ?
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Successful candidates will be contacted by telephone after January 28th, 2011.