List of available names - Adopted by Council on May 19, 2015

A.J. MacMasterMiss Alena Jean MacMaster is remembered as a visionary, professional activist, educator, community advocate and humanitarian. A Nursing School associated with the Moncton Hospital, opened from 1974 to 1996, was named in her honour.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
AccordéonAccordion. Instrument popular in Irish and Acadian music.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
AginoraShip built at Hopewell on the Petitcodiac River in 1866. Lost in the Magdalen Islands 1872.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
AgnewAgnew, Earl: Enlisted in the army during World War II. His family served the fire department through several generations. Not for the glory pg 131PersonEnglish / AnglaisPending / En attente2016
AlarmAn 895-ton ship built in the Salter Shipyard in 1852. It was wrecked in Ireland in 1866, then repaired and re-registered in 1872.The Chocolate River p. 208TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
AlonzoLived on the Jones Grant just outside the City Limits. Henry’s farm was sold in 1908 to John Cox and his wife Kezia Copp Cox.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
AlosierType of boat used by acadians for fishingTransportationFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Appalaches French name of the Appalachian Mountain Range running from Newfoundland to Alabama NatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
ArdoiseFrench name meaning Slate which is a common rock found in New Brunswick; Also a writing tool used historically in schools.NatureFrench / FrançaisPending / En attente2016
ArtistryA name to highlight local artists and their talents. CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
A'tugwetMeans « telling a story” in Mi’kmaq. CultureOther / AutreUsed / Utilisé2017
AviateursA name to celebrate the aviation history of Moncton.TransportationFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
AvionA name to celebrate the aviation history of Moncton.TransportationFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
BabkirkLawrence Babkirk died near Moncton in the crash of his Harvard trainer on June 17, 1943. He was born in Elgin NB. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
BalançoireMost Monctonians can remember spending a good portion of their younger years in playgrounds rushing for the swing set.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
BaleineMarine mammal that can be found in the waters off New BrunswickNatural FeatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
BalletType of danse. Moncton has ballet companies such as the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada and DancEast.CultureBilingual / BilingueAvailable / Disponible 
BarnumBarnum, Phineas T : Owned the circus known as The Greatest Show on Earth that came to Moncton in June 14, 1879.P.278 Resurgo vol 1.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
BateauA name to celebrate the shipbuilding industry along the Petitcodiac River.TransportationFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
BâtisseursA name celebrating Acadians that have and continue to help establish the importance of our culture in Moncton. Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
BauerOn May 5, 1937 a rail accident occurred. Clarence Bauer lessened the impact of the accident by staying with the train and slowing it down. He died as a result of the accident.PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
BavariaRegion of Germany where many of the new settlers of Moncton were from. The “poutine rapée”, a traditional Acadian meal is a variation of the Bavarian knodel, a specialty of the region of Bavaria.RegionsOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
Bella LégerBella Léger, called Jeanne -de-Valois, was a teacher who died in 1995. The education building of the Université de Moncton bears her name.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
BerlinquetteMember of the Moncton Victoria’s, Louis Berlinquette, competed for the Stanley Cup in 1911-12 and later had a successful pro career.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
BicycletteA name to celebrate the growing interest in this green and active mode of transportation.TransportationFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2015
Bill Burden Owners of Colpitts the Stationer. Bill Burden also owned B. E. Smith Furniture Company for a number of years. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
BinneyStephen Binney, resident of Moncton for 28 years, he was one of the town’s most successful shipbuilders and businessmen. Binney died in 1872.City of Moncton’s bank of names.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
BissonL.R. Bisson died near Moncton in the crash of his Harvard trainer on June 17, 1943. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
BleuetsTo celebrate our local food production.NatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Bliss CarmanWell known poet who was born in Fredericton on April 15, 1861.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
BobcatTerrestrial mammal found in New Brunswick and in the south of Canada.Natural FeatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
BonappetitNickname used for the Lalande family as well as the name of their village, located in the West End of present day Moncton.Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
BouchureA name commonly used by local acadians to describe a fence. Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
BovardThomas John Bovard, born in Moncton in 1894,and died in WWI on November 19, 1917. He is buried at the Brandhoek military cemetery number three in Belgium.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
BowIn reference to violin which is common instrument played in New Brunswick CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
BownessWalter Bowness was responsible for the only Moncton built/assembled automobile with his partner Alex Carter. The car was ‘placed on display May 7, 1901.Resurgo vol 2. p. 85.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Boyd AndersonLt. Col. S. Boyd Anderson, teacher, businessman, organized the first troop of Boy Scouts in Moncton. As Lieutenant-Colonel of the 8th Overseas Battery of the Canadian Army, he fought in all the battles of World War 1.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CableOld street located by Heritage Court in the 1950's , officially stopped up and closed in 1995.PlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CadieuxJean Cadieux, third president of l’Université de Moncton from 1974 to 1979. He died at the age of 81 in February 2006.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
CaldwellDaniel Caldwell owned and operated the main coach line between St John and the Bend of Petitcodiac (Moncton). PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CalixteCalixte F Savoie was an Acadian influential business man in our region. Sometimes contested, he was nevertheless one of the architects responsible for bringing l'Acadie in the modern era.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
CanvasbackBird that can be occasionally observed in New Brunswick. It is one of the fastest flying ducks with speeds of 120 km an hour.Natural FeatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CaribouTerrestrial mammal that once lived in New Brunswick.Natural FeatureBilingual / BilinguePending / En attente2017
CarmichelFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CeilidhCeltic word for a social gatheringCultureOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
CelticLanguages formerly spoken in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Britanny and Cornwall. CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
ChamiDr Chami was a pediatrician at Georges-L.- Dumont Hospital and contributed his life for the sake of children. He was known for his kind heart and love for everyone and as an avid soccer player. PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
ChiacA name celebrating the unique dialect spoken in our region, Chiac, a creative mixture of old French, English and French, is intimately linked to the Acadian identity.Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
ChocolatUnoffical name given to the Petitcodiac River CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
CinémaArt form of motions pictures. This entry is a nod to Moncton's film industry and to the Festical du Cinéma Francophone en Acadie which started in 1987.CultureFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2016
CirilloTo honour Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was fatally shot while on ceremonial sentry duty on Parliament Hill on October 22, 2014. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CirqueA company of performance artists such as clowns, acrobats and juggles. Moncton has the Atlantic Cirque company.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
CityTo highlight the City of Moncton's status as a growing urban centre. CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CKCWThe Moncton Broadcasting Co. opened the CKCW radio station on December 4, 1934, located in the Knights of Pythia Building. It was owned by J.L. Black, F.R. Sumner and H.M.Wood.CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CodiacMikmaq (Epetkutogoyek) word meaning the river that bends like a bowNatureOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
ColemanA name to recognize the Family which have been property owners in Moncton since 1877. Their original homestead was at 52 Dominion Street where 7 children, which 6 of whom remained lifetime residents of Moncton contributing in the development of the City. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
ColtsfootSpecies of plant found in New Brunswick.Natural FeatureEnglish / AnglaisPending / En attente 2016
ConcertMusical performance. Moncton has been home to many noteworthy concerts, both big and small.CultureBilingual / BilingueAvailable / Disponible 
ConstablesIn memory of the three Constables Doug Larche, Dave Ross and Fabrice Gevaudan who were fatally shot on June 4th, 2014 in Moncton. CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CoppleWilliam Copple, one of the first Irish families to settle in Moncton. Owned a soap and candle shop on Bonnaccord street in 1860.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CorcoranPerhaps the first of the Irish Catholics to arrive around 1810. Thomas Corcoran, is considered to have been Moncton’s first schoolteacher.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CovoiturageA name to celebrate the Moncton's growing interest in being a more sustainable City. CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
CowanMoncton artist, Charles K. Cowan worked in the drapery department for the T. Eaton Co. and was a founding member of the Moncton Art Society. He died in 1974.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CrobettFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CummingsName of the first local brickyard that was owned and operated by James Cummings in Lewisville from approximately 1860-1916.Land MarksEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CunardBrothers Joseph, Henry and Samuel, operated a family timber business, mills, wharves, stores, shipyards up the N.B. coast from Richibucto to Shippegan. Samuel later branched off and established the world-famous Cunard Shipping Line.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CuthbertsonAllen A. Cuthbertson, A Monctonian who was a Lance Corporal in WWI and who died during the war on November 16th, 1914.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
CutterFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Cy SteinOwner of world-famous seafood restaurant (Cy’s Seafood) in Moncton. At one time had 3 locations.PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
Da CostaIn 1606, Mathieu Da Costa was a Micmac language interpreter and the first known black man to travel with Samuel de Champlain during his exploration. This dates back to the very beginning of New-Brunswick settlement, in the early 17th century.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
DarbénaiMembers of the Jewish community immigrated from Darbénai, Lithuania to settle in Moncton in 1905.RegionsOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
DavidsonTheatre that was located on Main Street and owned and operated by Walter Davidson. It was later re-named the Empress in 1911 under new management and was destroyed by fire in 1926.Land MarksEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
De FiedmontChief Engineer of Fort Beausejour in the 1700s.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
De la CollineAcadian family name found in 1758 in the region of Moncton.p. 22, Resurgo vol 1.Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
de l'École Refers to the school located along the trail Land MarksFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2017
DebowManager of the Brunswick Hotel in the 1940’s.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
DelahaunteFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
DigueAcadian used this method to gain farm landCultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
DilipDr Dilip Senn was a very popular medical doctor that practiced for more than 40 years in the Moncton region. He also helped benevolently many immigrants and newcomers.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
DinneyRoland Dinney was the last harbour master (McCully's NB pg 27)PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
DollarWilliam Dollar, was appointed by Pope Gregory XVI as the first bishop of the new diocese of New Brunswick. P.19 Moncton’s catholic roots.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
DreamlandTheatre that used to be on Lutz street. Constructed by Walter Davidson who also constructed the Empress TheatrePlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
DrillonBorn in 1914 in Moncton, Gordon Arthur Drillon (Gordie), became a prominent hockey player where he won the Stanley Cup in 1943 with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He joined the army during world war II . PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
DumaresqJames Charles Phillip Dumaresq - Architect for the Royal Bank Building and McSweeney Building on Main Street PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
DurelleBorn in Baie-Ste-Anne, NB, Canada, was an Acadian Canadian champion boxer. Yvon Durelle's light-heavyweight championship fight against the great Archie Moore on December 10, 1958 in Montreal is one of the most memorable fights in boxing history.Person French / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
EddieJoseph Edward Leger was a well-known street character and citizen in the city of Moncton. He past away October 16, 2004 at the age of 74.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Elesina Name commemorating the German Heritage of those families who came to Moncton on June 3, 1766.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
ÉloizeAcadian word for lightening bolt. Also the word for an arts award distributed by L'AAAPNBNatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
EmbâcleObstruction d'un cours d'eau par un amas de glace.NatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
ÉnergieTo increase awareness on renewable energy.NatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
EnviroA name to celebrate Moncton's growing interest in being a more sustainable city. NatureFrench / FrançaisPending / En attente 2016
EscaouetteName of a theatre company in Moncton as well as the building that they operateCultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Existence A name that celebrates our presence here, in Moncton, regardless of our cultural background.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
EzraEzra Cook was one of Monctons harbourmasters (McCully's NB pg 27)PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
FairweatherProminent Moncton family who owned and operated a drug store in Moncton for over 52 years.PersonEnglish / AnglaisUsed / Utilisé2007
FallenIn memory of the three Constables Doug Larche, Dave Ross and Fabrice Gevaudan who were fatally shot on June 4th, 2014 in Moncton. CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
FermiersName to celebrate our local farmers and all the hard work they put into providing us with fresh, local food. CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
FeuilleTo celebrate our flora.NatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
FiddleheadLocal edible plant found in wetlands in New BrunswickNatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
FiertéWord meaning pride: fulfilled feeling of belonging. Often used in relation to community and civic pride but is also used by the LGBT community as a word of celebration and recognition.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Flatiron“The name “flatiron” came from a triangular piece of property on King Street used as a sports field by a group of young men known as the “Flatiron Gang”.A History of Monkton p. 211.Land MarksEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
ForbesMelvin Forbes was a harbourmaster in the 1920's (McCully's NB pg 27)PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
FraisesTo celebrate our local food production.NatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
FramboisesTo celebrate our local food production.NatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Frank RyderFrank Ryder owned and operated the Windsor Hotel and Windsor Grill for decades, on the site west of the Atlantic Lotto Headquarters at the junction of Main and Foundry Street. The Windsor Hotel was demolished around 1960.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
FricotTraditional Acadian soup / stewCultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
FrolicIt is for the Acadians a time to meet, to talk, to dance and sing.Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
GaelicLanguage branch of Celtic. CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
GalerieSpace for the exhibition of art. Moncton has a number of art galleries including one in City Hall. CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
GardinerJoseph Gardiner was a well respected carpenter in Moncton who designed and built every aspect of the house located at 75 St-George Street. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
GauvreauFerdinand Gauvreau, first resident missionary of the Fox Creek, St. Anselme religious parish.The Monctonians, vol 1 p. 284.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Gérald LeBlancDeeply Acadian and North American, Gérald Leblanc tirelessly sought the roots of his Acadian identity. The quality and abundance of his poetic work guarantee him a place amongst the most important authors of modern Acadian poetry.Reserved for CouncilFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2015
GermantownRefers to Germantown in Pennsylvanian which is the bithplace of Jacob Trietz.GeographicEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
GevaudanIn memory and honour of Constable Fabrice Gevaudan, who has left a lasting legacy on Moncton for his strength and bravery. Also, as a tribute to his life and service to the RCMPReserved for CouncilFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
GillisHe was Deputy Chief under Chief Ackman and a “prominent member of the No. 2 Hose Company.” John was also an employee at the Record Foundry for many years. He died in 1902.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
GodinAcadian fisherman and farmer, Edouard Godin also represents the important number of Godin families in the areaPersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
GoodereRefers to the old Goodere Hall at the lower end of Main Street.Land MarksEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
GraniteCommon type of rock found in New BrunswickNatureEnglish / AnglaisUsed / Utilisé2014
GrayFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands. Donated property to create park at 45 Centre St.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Great AukBird found in New Brunswick.Natural FeatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
GrenouilleNew Brunswick amphibian.Natural FeatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
GrèsFrench name for sandstoneNatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
GrosvernorGrosvenor Estates - the very first subdivision in amalgamated Parkton-Georgetown post January 1, 1956 that lead the building and subdivision boom in our northwest end. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
GroundwaterFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
H.T. StevensMoncton's last appointed mayor (by council) and first elected mayor by the citizens, after the 2nd incorporation. He founded the Moncton Daily Times which was the forerunner to the Times Transcript.Reserved for CouncilEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HalletBorn in 1828 in Sussex, New Brunswick. Robert Hallet was a photographer in Sackville, but later moved to Moncton and continued his photography and auction business. He died in 1897.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HansJacob Hans, Moncton’s first rabbi.PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
HanshausFormer Brewery close to DieppePlaceOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
HardyFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HerculesFirst locomotive to run on the E.N.A.R. line that ran from Moncton to Pt. Du Chene.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HérosA name to honour our fallen officers.PersonFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2015
HigmanRichard Higman, local chemist and analyst with the Moncton Sugar Refining Company. He was also ran a drug store in Moncton.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HistoiresThis name celebrates stories of Moncton that will continue to live on through the work of our local poets, writers and musicians.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
HoarOwner of farmlands in the current area of White Frost Village.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HohefeldThe ancestors of Michael Lutz going back 6 generations originate from Hohefeld. GeographicEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HoudiniHarry Houdini, known as The Wonderful Magician , Houdini made an appearance along with his wife, Mademoiselle Beatrice Houdini at the Moncton Opera House in 1896.Resurgo vol 2, p. 61.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HudsonThere were three RCAF Hudson Squadrons in operation on the east coast during WW2. A Hudson plane was brought in for display in what is now the Highfield Square parking lot in Moncton. (Vintage Moncton FB)TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Hugh McCreaHe was a Westmorland County Sheriff and his family lived on the big farm next to the new Gospel Hall church. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HumesRoy Murray Humes was a member of the Moncton Fire Department for 31years. His son John and grandson Gary also became firefighters.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Hurricane599-ton barque built in Moncton by Joseph Salter in 1863.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HutchinsonChief of Moncton’s police department from 1920 to 1946. As a Police Chief in the City of Moncton, Leonard Hutchinson introduced the city’s first traffic control measures.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HuttonFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HydrangeaCommon flower that grows in New Brunswick.NatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
HynesThe Hynes family name is associated with the popular Moncton landmark restaurant now at its third generation of restaurateurs.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Ian FowlerIan Fowler was instrumental in the establishment of Moncton as a major player in the sport, entertainment and event tourism industry in Atlantic CanadaPersonEnglish / AnglaisUsed / Utilisé2017
Ice HouseOld location close to Cedar StreetPlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
ImperialEarly Moncton movie theatre. When the Capitol and the Empress Theatres burned down in March 1926, it was the only movie theatre remaining in the city for a while.Land MarksEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
JagersomeName given by the Acadians to the city known today as Dieppe.Chocolate RiverAcadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
James McCurdyMcCurdy taught school in his native province of Nova Scotia for a time, but by 1854 had moved to the Bend of Petitcodiac (Moncton), N.B., where he successfully operated McCurdy’s Book and Stationery Store.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
JazzMusic genre. Moncton has a vibrant jazz music scene with groups such as the Moncton Mingus Band, Les Païens and others.CultureBilingual / BilingueAvailable / Disponible 
Joe SomersJoe Somers had a farm in the Allison (Journey) Church area.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
John HarrisJohn Harris moved to Moncton in 1836 where he became a merchant, landowner and entrepreneur dealing in the shipping business. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Kenneth Cox Grew up on Salisbury Road. Awarded several degrees, some honorary. Joined NB Tel in 1942 and during his 47-year career, held high profile positions helping build NB Tel into a world leader in the global telecommunications marketplace.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
KinraideThomas Kinraide, a Moncton native and scientist who in 1900 made remarkable discoveries concerning x-rays and wireless telegraphy. His discoveries put him in a class with Edison and Marconi.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
KnightsThe name is synonymous with the old Moncton High mascot.CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
KreuzwertheimMicheal Lutz was born in Kreuzwertheim in 1723, but left in 1752 to go to Pennsylvania and eventually settle in Moncton.GeographicEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
La VagueWave. A nod to the tidal bore and Petitcodiac River. NatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
LactinFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
LahankyDonald Lahanky founded Allsco, a building products business, and Atlantic Commercial Properties, real estate development. He was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for Excellence, and GMCC awarded him a Lifetime Achievement Award.PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
LamLam Brothers: Owners of Ming Garden and House of Lam restaurants. Long-time residents of Moncton and now second-generation restaurateurs. Representative of contributions to Moncton through Chinese community.PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
LanguesA name celebrating the unique linguistic fabric of our region.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
LanternPrecursor to the signals used in rail travel.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
LarchBarque built in Moncton in 1845 in Stephen Binney’s shipyard.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
LarcheIn memory and honour of Constable Doug Larche, who has left a lasting legacy on Moncton for his strength and bravery. Also, as a tribute to his life and service to the RCMPReserved for CouncilEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
LarraceyBorn in Moncton, Edward W Larracey became president of the Moncton Publishing Company and publisher of the Moncton Times and the Moncton Transcript. He retired in 1984. Larracey wrote many historical books on the City of Moncton. He died in 1992.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
LassDuring her 32 year career, Sandy taught at many schools in our region leaving her own mark on each. She had a passionate love of learning and a natural curiosity that made her a respected teacher and a cherished colleague.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
LawAndrew Bonar Law was born in Rexton, New Brunswick. He was an important businessman and politician serving as leader of the British Conservative party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1922 to 1923.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Le CoudeAcadian name for Moncton where it was located at the bend of the Petitcodiac River.Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Le CranVillage on the Petitcodiac River known today as Stoney Creek. Joseph Brossard was one of the first settlers in that area.Chocolate River p. 26.Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Le GuerneIn 1755, after the attack on Fort Beauséjour, Francois Le Guerne was the only missionary and French remaining in the villagePersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Le LoutreLouis Le Loutre, Acadian religious leader in early 1700.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Le MoniteurAcadian newspaper located in ShediacCultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
LemieuxBiff Lemieux , New Brunswick boxer in the 1920’s.PersonFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2015
LescarbotMarc Lescarbot, First French teacher in Acadia in 1606.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
LevesqueNew Brunswick entrepreneur. Born in Gaspe, Quebec J.L Levesque became a racehorse owner and an important businessman. He worked for the Provincial bank of Canada in Moncton.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
LevineFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
LocomotiveCommemorates Moncton's railroad heritageTransportationBilingual / BilingueAvailable / Disponible 
LoostoukName of the first train built in NB (Sait-John, Moncton)TransportationOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
LouisbourgFort built by the French in Cape Breton. English attacked the fort successfully in 1755.RegionsFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Louise CohenReuben Cohen and his wife Louise Cohen helped breathe life into Moncton.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
LouisianeState in the United States where many Acadians found themselves after the expulsion of 1755 known as theDeportation. Many Acadian descendents still live in the region today.RegionsFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Loup grisLand mammal that once lived in New BrunswickNatural FeatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
LoyalistCommemorates New Brunswick's loyalist heritageCultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
LudovicName commemorating the German Heritage of those families who came to Moncton on June 3, 1766.PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
MacareuxType d'oiseau marin habitant les milieux côtiers du Nouveau-BrunswickNatural FeatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
MacMellonJack MacMellon was a nationally well-known cartoonist for the Moncton Times & Transcript newspaper from mid 1950s – late 1980s. He published a book of the cartoons which he drew of curling, called “50 Years of Rock Throwing."PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MacQuade Owners of Colpitts the Stationer.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MagdalenaName commemorating the German Heritage of those families who came to Moncton on June 3, 1766.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MantraA name celebrating the work of Gérald Leblanc - Moncton Mantra - published in 1997.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Marc ChouinardMarc Chouinard was known as a champion of the arts and was made a member of the Order of Canada in 2011 for his role in developing the arts in New Brunswick. He was also a founding member of la Fondation Nationale de l’Acadie.Reserved for CouncilFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Mark GallagherMark Gallagher was an RCMP officer who served in Moncton for many years. He passed away as a result of the Haiti earthquake in 2010 while on a United Nations Mission to Haiti to assist in training Haitian police officers.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MarmotteLand mammal that lives in New BrunswickNatural FeatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
MarshmanHenry Marshman was born in Germany in approximately 1850 and came to North America in the 1870’s. He was a sugar refiner in Halifax and then moved to Moncton. When the sugar refinery burned he opened a photography business.PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
MarvenJ.A. Marven started the Marven’s biscuit factory in 1907 on the corner of Main and Pleasant Streets. The company continued its operation until 1978.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MasonOld School PlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MatchlessFirst vessel built in Moncton. It weighed about 250 tons and James Robertson was the one who built it in 1825.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
McCluskeyMember of former Lewisville Village Council and instrumental in the creation of Lewisville Park in 1967Reserved for CouncilEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
McGrathLongtime City of Moncton Councilor, Stan McGrath passed away on August 2nd, 2006.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
McPhetersFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Medicine HatMedicine Hat, Alberta is a sister / partner city to the City of Moncton.RegionsEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MellishRoland Mellish lived in Lewisville and was a pilot in W.W.II. His plane was hit by enemy fire and tragically crashed.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MémoireA general name that celebrates our memories of the past.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Meta772-ton ship built in Moncton in 1857 by Joseph Salter.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MetagamaName of the ship that the Acadians of the 165thbattalion, along with the 198thbattalion of Toronto and the Nova Scotia Highlanders, traveled on to get to Liverpool, England during World War I.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MetropolitanName of a Moncton skating rink built in 1892 behind the old City Market.Land MarksEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Mink frogNew Brunswick amphibian.Natural FeatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MolassesThe “molasses boats” were regular arrivals at the port of Moncton with barrels of molasses.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Molly KoolBorn and raised in Alma, N.B. She is recognized as being North America's first registered female sea captain or ship’s master.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MonctonIncorporated in 1890 , added to commemorate our 125 anniversary in 2015PlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MontréalMontreal is a cultural city that has enabled many Acadian artists to springboard nationally and even internationally.GeographicFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
MosaiqA festival that began in Moncton by MAGMA in 2004 and became known as the Mosaiq Multicultural/Festival Multiculturel in 2010, is a celebration of Moncton's growing diversity.CultureOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
MunsingenOrigins city of Heinrich Sieiff - early settlers of Moncton.GeographicEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
MûresTo celebrate our local food production.NatureFrench / FrançaisPending / En attente2016
NavigateursA name to celebrate the sailing history of Moncton.TransportationFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
North BayNorth Bay, Ontario is a sister / partner city to the City of Moncton.RegionsEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Northrop FryeHerman Northrop Frye moved to Moncton when he was 7 years old. He grew up on Pine Street and attended Victoria and Aberdeen High School. In 1929, he left Moncton to attend the University of Toronto.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Nouvelle FranceAcadia became part of and area known as New France when the French came to the region.P. 18, Resurgo vol. 1RegionsFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
O’BlenesWalter O’Blenis became Moncton’s first “permanent salaried Fire Chief” in June 1927. Three pumpers and one ladder truck were constructed under the guidance of Walter because of his knowledge and interest in automotive mechanics.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
O’LearyMichael O'Leary, a police officer murdered in the line of duty December 13, 1974 along with Corporal Aurele Bourgeois.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
OcéanCanadian passenger train between Montreal Quebec and Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is the oldest continuously operated passenger train in North America.TransportationFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
OdeType of poem; reference to New Brunswick Acadian music troupe (Ode à l'Acadie)CultureBilingual / BilingueAvailable / Disponible 
OpéraArt form combining musical performances and a dramatic (theatre) setting. Moncton has regular opera performances by Opera New Brunswick at the U de M music department. CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
OrchestreLarge musical ensemble. Moncton has orchestras such as the Moncton Symphony OrchestraCultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Orville BrayFlorist, owner of Pansy Shop on St. George St.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Ours noirTerrestrial mammal living in New BrunswickNatural FeatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PaisibleA name to highlight the feel of our City.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PaixTo encourage peace in our daily lives. CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PalmerRefers to the Palmer Block on Main Street. Land MarksEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
PanacadiePanacadie was the name of Halls Creek area when the lands were occupied by the Acadians before the 1755 deportation.Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2017
ParamountFormer theatre in Moncton.CultureEnglish / AnglaisUsed / Utilisé2017
PeardonCaptain V.O. Peardon navigagted the three masted schooner ST. Clair Theriault one of the best - known vessel involved in the molasses trade. Built in 1919 (McCully's NB pg 25)PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
PearlFormer name of Lester StreetPlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Pékan Terrestrial mammal native to New BrunswickNatural FeatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PéninsuleRefers to the north eastern tip of New Brunckwick known as "la Péninsule acadienne" PlaceFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PennsylvaniaIn 1766, families from the State of Pennsylvania came to this region to settle.RegionsEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Père HectorWas responsible for Soeurs Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur and helped fund many important institutions in Moncton notably the George Dumont Hospital and Université de Moncton build.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PersévéranceA name that commemorates all of Monctonians during tough times.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PersianShip built in Moncton by Joseph Salter in 1856.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Petit garrotSea Duck (Bufflehead)Natural FeatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PicardieIn 1999, delegates from the City of Moncton visited the City of Amiens in France to explore potential economic development opportunities given the prevalent call center industry in both cities at that time.RegionsFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2017
PiersFormer Chief of Moncton Fire Department in 1971. He was a WWII navy veteran and also had a passion for curling, where he won three provincial mixed titles.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
PincombeFirst archivist for the City of Moncton and noted historian, writer and teacher. Died September 8th, 1989.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
PinkThe colour of breast cancer awareness.CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
PirogueA long and narrow canoe made of a hollowed tree trunk.TransportationFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Pleine Lune The lunar phase where the moon shines bright on Moncton and also brings the highest Tidal Bore.NatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PoésieForm of literary art. Moncton has a publisher of poetry books with Les Éditions Perce-NeigeCultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PoètePerson who writes poetry. Moncton and l'Université de Moncton have been home to important poets such as Gerald LeBlanc and Herménégilde Chiasson.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PoitiersPoitiers, France is a sister / partner city to the City of Moncton.RegionsFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PoitouRegion of France where many of the Acadian descendants originated.RegionsFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PommeTo celebrate our local food production.NatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PommierType of trees along the trail and follows the theme of the street names in the subdivision where the trail is locatedNatureFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2017
Port RoyalOriginal french settlement, capitol of the colony of Acadia, situated in Annapolis valleyPlaceFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2015
PorterName commemorating the German Heritage of those families who came to Moncton on June 3, 1766.CultureOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
PotlatchAboriginal,among North American Indian peoples of the northwest coast) an opulent ceremonial feast at which possessions are given away or destroyed to display wealth or enhance prestigeCultureOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
PoutraincourtHe accompanied Champlain and Sieur de Monts on their first visit to this region in an attempt to colonize New France.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
ProgrèsA name celebrating all the accomplishments of our City and its people and our continued need to be better.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
PumpkinseedFresh water fish living in New Brunswick.Natural FeatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
PythianNamed after the Order of Knights of Pythias, an international non­sectarian fraternal order, established in 1864 in Washington, DC, by Justus T. Rathbone. The Moncton lodge was established in Moncton in 1875.Land MarksOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
QuaiQuai represents the various wharfs in Moncton, ie: Master, Reeds, during Moncton's shipbuilding era.PlaceFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
QuarryReferences an open pit or mine (stone, sand, gravel or minerals).NatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
QuasimentOld acadian french meaning almostCultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
RachelName commemorating the German Heritage of those families who came to Moncton on June 3, 1766.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
RainbowA natural phenomenon created by the reflection and refraction of light. Also a flag/symbol adopted by the LGBT community as a symbol and celebration of diversity.NatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Recruit995-ton ship built in Moncton by Joseph Salter in 1852.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
ReelTraditional dance in New BrunswickCultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
René (Pepsi) LandryHe was an enthusiastic supporter of youth and recreation. In addition to being Ward 4 Councillor for over 12 years, he volunteered with the Kidney Foundation of Canada, the Recreation Society of Atlantic Canada to name a few. PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
René LeBlancHis name is synonymous with minor baseball in Moncton. President of the Moncton Minor Baseball Association for 17 years, he also served as Commissioner for Baseball NB for five years. He was inducted into Moncton Sports Wall of Fame in 1990. PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Reuben CohenLawyer, Businessman, philanthropist, former Chancellor of Dalhousie University, Companion of the Order of Canada (the highest honour), Member of the Order of New Brunswick, inducted into the New Brunswick Business Hall of FameReserved for CouncilEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
RhodoraPlant found in New Brunswick.Natural FeatureOther / AutrePending / En attente 2016
RickerJacob Ricker, one of the first families to settle in Moncton from Pennsylvania.PersonOther / AutreUsed / Utilisé2010
RinzlerThe Rinzler Family owned Hub Meat Packers, a large meat processing plant on Edinburgh Dr. Started in 1967, it was once Moncton’s largest private sector employer. Purchased by Maple Leaf, it has now closed its doors. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
RippeyWilliam Rippy, Captain of the Moncton Fire Company. He retired from this post in October of 1879.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Roger BurnsRoger Burns is responsible for developing many residential communities in Moncton. He developed Meadow Lake Subdivision in the Shediac Road Area where residents enjoy the natural setting offered by the trail and man-made lake. Person English / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
RoselinFinch , bird found in NBNatural FeatureFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2015
RossIn memory and honour of Constable Dave Ross, who has left a lasting legacy on Moncton for his strength and bravery. Also, as a tribute to his life and service to the RCMPReserved for CouncilEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
RoumanieThe name in recognition of the Romanians who chose Moncton as their home and also for the Romanian products more and more present in our city.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
RoundhouseA circular building for housing and repairing locomotives (CN Shops)PlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Ruisseau Humphreys Brook Refers to the Humphreys Brook which crosses a section of the city where the trail is locatedNatureEnglish / AnglaisUsed / Utilisé2017
Ruisseau Rabbit BrookRefers to the Rabbit Brook which crosses a section of the city where the trail is locatedNatureEnglish / AnglaisUsed / Utilisé2017
Ruth WilsonRuth Wilson was instrumental in helping shape the future of Medavie Blue Cross. She was the first salaried employee beginning in 1944 as its Executive-Director. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SailA name to celebrate the shipbuilding industry along the Petitcodiac River.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SandstoneComme rock type found in New Brunswick NatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SaumonFish found in the petitcodiac riverNatureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
SaxbyStephen Martin Saxby, a naval instructor and amateur astronomer who, based on his astronomical studies, had predicted extremely high tides in the North Atlantic Ocean on October 1, 1869, which would produce a historical storm surge.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
ScalesCo-founder of the Moncton Iron Foundry producing castings for the European and North American Railway. TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Schlaitdorf Stahlecker townGeographicEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SchoonerType of ship that was built and sailed in the PetitcodiacTransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
ScottishFrom Scotland. Moncton has a large Population of Scottish descent.CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Sentier Ruisseau Rabbit Brook TrailThe name is to recognize the important waterway that crosses through a large portion of the western area of the City. NatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SheaFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted landsPersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
ShipyardCommemorating Moncton's ship building historyPlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
ShopsCommemorates CN shops. Closed in 1988PlaceFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
SignalReference to signals used in rail travel.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SigognePriest that was charged with the care of First Nations and Acadians.Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
SilvabroName given to the region of Lewisville (today) by the Acadians.Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2015
SkiffingtonEd Skiffington, Moncton educator and the father of high school football in Moncton. Member of the NB and Moncton Sports Hall of Fame.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SoeurNom commémorant la communauté religieuse de MonctonPersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Song LeeName of a Chinese laundry on St. George Street that was owned and operated by Song Lee.Land MarksOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
SousaGreat American bandmaster, John Philip Sousa performed in Moncton in 1895 and in 1926. He was born in 1854 and died in 1932. He was the most famous American bandleader of his time.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SouvenirsA name that will conjure unique and individual events from everyone’s past.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
SpencerHarold Arthur Spencer. Two brothers born in Moncton that participated and survived World War I. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
StadiumFormer Moncton Stadium built off of St. George St. (McCully's NB pg 41)PlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
StahleckerName commemorating the German Heritage of those families who came to Moncton on June 3, 1766.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
StantonHe settled at the Bend in 1827, and was one of the first shipbuilders in the region.P. 52 Chocolate River.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
StarrattMonctonian, William Thomas Starratt, who was a Lance corporal in the Canadian Infantry during World War I. He died during the war on September 15th, 1916.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
StationMoncton's ICR, CN and VIA rail train station PlaceBilingual / BilingueAvailable / Disponible 
Steam whistleReference to the steam whistle used at the CN shops in Moncton.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
StieffName commemorating the German Heritage of those families who came to Moncton on June 3, 1766.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
StonechatNew Brunswick bird.Natural FeatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
StrattonStuart Stratton served on Moncton City Council for Ward 2 from 1969 to 1971. He served with the Royal Canadian Air Force During World War 2, he practiced law with Stewart & Stratton from 1953-1975. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
StrongMakes reference to the tragic events of June 4th, 2014 in Moncton. MONCTON STRONG was used to describe the people of Moncton.CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
StudioArtists' creation space. This entry recognizes the many artists in Moncton such as those with studios in the Aberdeen Cultural Centre.CultureBilingual / BilingueAvailable / Disponible 
StultzFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
SturgeonFish found in the petitcodiac riverNatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SurfTo celebrate the arrival of surfing on the Petitcodiac River.CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SwiftName of a local company (McCully's NB pg 38)PlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SwitchReference to the changing of railroad tracks.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
SymphonieA musical ensemble or a compostion. Moncton has a number of residents members of and recieves regular performances from Symphony New Brunswick. CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
TabbelliJasimiro Tabbelli , an Italian worker who was killed in an accident on Feb.17th, 1909 while building the NTR line near Moncton.PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
Tantivy1040-ton ship built in Moncton in 1851 by Joseph Salter. It was sold in Liverpool.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
TelegraphFormer name for Lewis streetPlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
TemperanceRefers to the old Temperance Hall located on former Telegraph Street now Lewis Street. Land MarksEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Terre-RougeEarly Acadian name for Moncton.Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Terry FoxA Canadian athlete, humanitarian, and cancer research activist. In 1980, with one leg having been amputated, he embarked on a cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. The run has continued and is run around the world. PersonEnglish / AnglaisUsed / Utilisé2017
ThéâtreCan refer to a perfoming arts company or a buidling where perfomances take place. Moncton has a strong theatre scene with companies such as Théâtre l'Escaouette and Moncton Sable and buidlings such as the Capitol Theatre. CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
TidalRefers to thePetitcodiac River and the tidal boreNatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
TilleySamuel Leonard Tilley - druggist, politician, and lieutenant governor, and one of the Fathers of Confederation representing New Brunswick.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
TimesName of former Moncton daily news paperCultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
TonerOrder of Canada recipient, Vance Toner was the former Head of the U de M Physical Education Faculty. He founded the school of physical education and recreation at the U de M as well as the Institute of leadership. Died in 2002.PersonFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
TorrieOwned a soap and candle business on Bonaccord street in Moncton in 1860. William Torrie was an active member of the St. Paul’s Church Rectory building committee in 1886. He died in 1886 at the age of 57.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
TraditionA name to celebrate the importance of our local traditions.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
Trahan"Pre and Villages des Trahan" were early Acadian settlements c.1742 located in "Le Coude" region located at the bend in the Petitcodiac River, presently the Lewisville area. The Trahan family were among the early Acadian settlers in this area. Acadian ThemesFrench / FrançaisPending / En attente2017
TranscriptName of former Moncton daily news paperCultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
TrembleOwner of farmlands near the old Hump Yard.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
TrojanRefers to the Harrison Trimble High School's mascot and sports teams.CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
TuttleThe Tuttle family have owned and operated a funeral home business on Lutz Street in Moncton since 1882.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
TweedieHon. Lemuel Tweedie, lawyer, politician, Premier of N.B. (1900 – 1907) who established the Workmen’s Compensation Board among many other accomplishments. He was a Lt. Gov. of N.B. (1907 - 1912)PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
UnionFormer name of a section of Mountain RoadPlaceEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
UrbaineA name that celebrates the urban culture of Moncton.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
UtrechtName of Treaty that ceded the land of Nova Scotia occupied by the French to Great Britain in 1713.p. 19 Resurgo. Vol 1, Chocolate River p 2.Historical Events LocationsOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
VanbuskirkFamily names listed on old Moncton map showing granted lands.PersonOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
VapeurA name to celebrate the railroad history of Moncton.TransportationFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
VaudevilleTheatrical genre popular in the 1880's-1930's. Moncton's Capitol Theatre was originally a Vaudeville theatre.CultureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
Veloz571-ton barque built in Moncton by Joseph Salter.TransportationEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
VernissagePreview or opening of an art exhibit. Moncton has many art galeries and therefore a number of these events.CultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
ViolonFiddle or violin: instrument popular in Acadian musicCultureFrench / FrançaisAvailable / Disponible 
VoyageA name that celebrates Monctonians that travel the world but continue to call Moncton their home.CultureFrench / FrançaisUsed / Utilisé2017
VulcanFormer name of a street in Moncton. (Now known as Lester Avenue).Land MarksOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
WalpurgisName commemorating the German Heritage of those families who came to Moncton on June 3, 1766.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
WawaloamName of a schooner that was used in the import of molasses, salt and rum until 1942 when it was attached and sank by a German U-Boat. (McCully's NB pg 26)TransportationOther / AutreAvailable / Disponible 
WhiteDr Fred J White, received his medical degree in 1886. Worked at the Moncton Hospital where he gave generously of his time and talents to promoting the interests of the hospital. PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
WilcoxEarl R Wilcox, a well known local photographer that owned the Wilcox Studio.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
WildeOscar Wilde, a controversial British writer, who visited Moncton in 1882 to give an evening lecture.PersonEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
WoodchuckTerrestrial mammal in New Brunswick. There are also known as groundhogs.Natural FeatureEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
WurttembergOrigins of Jacob Ricker - early settlers of Moncton.GeographicEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible 
YorkshireCounty of England. Some Colonists of this county settled in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the 18thcentury.RegionsEnglish / AnglaisAvailable / Disponible