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Community Support & Donations

The Magnetic Hill Zoo is a proud supporter of various community groups on a national, regional, and local scale. We take pride in giving back to our neighbourhood through donations. Our ability to assist your organization is limited to non-monetary donations of admission passes to the Magnetic Hill Zoo.

We have developed guidelines and criteria in order to ensure that we evaluate each proposal equally. Although there are many organizations that need support, unfortunately, we are not able to assist them all due to the numerous requests that we receive.


Evaluation Process:

The Magnetic Hill Zoo will receive requests for community donations that satisfy one of the following criteria:

  1. Must be an organization that supports children and youth in the community and have a directive to assist children in need.
  2. Must be an organization that can demonstrate its commitment to environmental conservation.
  3. Must be a community neighbour who supports one of the above criteria.

The Magnetic Hill Zoo will not make donations to the following organizations:

  • Minor sports teams, or similar organizations **
  • Political parties or candidates
  • Individuals representing a charity on a personal basis
  • Third party requests – an organization fundraising on behalf of a non-profit
  • Religious Organizations
  • Lobbying/Advocacy groups
  • Corporate foundations, private clubs, and professional associations **
  • Profit making ventures **

** Some exceptions will apply and will be awarded at the discretion of Zoo Management

The Magnetic Hill Zoo does not offer admission discounts for economically disadvantaged groups.

If your organization meets one of the eligible criteria requirements, please submit your request, in writing, on organization or event letterhead, and mail, email, or fax:

    Magnetic Hill Zoo
    100 Worthington Avenue
    Moncton, N.B. E1C 9Z3
    Fax Number: (506) 853-3569

All requests must be submitted 4 (four) weeks prior to event.

All requests must be submitted in writing, on organization or event letterhead, and must include:

  • Name of Organization, or Charity
  • Not-for-profit Charitable Status and Charitable Registration Number
  • Date, time, and location of event
  • Contact name, telephone number and complete street address
  • Description/mission of organization
  • Event purpose/beneficiary
  • How item will be used (raffle, door prize, auction)
  • Expected number of attendees at event
  • How the donation will benefit your organization/cause?
  • How will the Magnetic Hill Zoo be profiled, if at all?

Thank you for your request. Only those requests that we can fulfill will be contacted for mail out or pick up. No phone calls please. Only one request per year.