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City Driving Tour

Moncton has three major east-west streets - Main Street, St. George Street and Mountain Road. This tour begins at Hall’s Creek Bridge (Landing at the Bend) and drives past Bore Park where schooners and trading ships would have been lined up at the wharves in the early 1900's.

As you drive along Main Street, the right-hand side of the street (North) has heritage buildings like the "Merchants Bank" building across from the Delta Beauséjour. Most of the buildings were made of local sandstone from the flourishing grindstone quarrying industry in the area. Between Main Street and the Petitcodiac River, the industry consisted mainly of shipbuilding, sawmills and foundries.

The next landmark is the railway underpass and is locally known as the "subway". It is built just low enough to catch three or four incautious transport trucks per year.

Continue driving until you reach Jones Lake, which is an artificial lake on the right-hand side of the street. The brick complex on the right is the former Swifts meat packing plant, which used to be a major employer in Moncton.

As you drive along Main Street, you will reach the traffic circle, which is the entry point to the Causeway, which joins the Town of Riverview with Moncton. Continue driving by the traffic circle staying right and this will place you on Wheeler Boulevard. Off Wheeler Boulevard, take the St. George Boulevard exit and drive until you reach Centennial Park. There you will see an old steam locomotive that testifies to Moncton’s railroad heritage, an anchor representing the shipbuilding history of Moncton. Finally, the plane signifies the important role Moncton played in the 1920's in securing the airport that is now recognized as an International Airport.

Driving down St. George Street, you will drive by what used to be known as the "Golden Mile" between Centennial Park and Vaughan Harvey Boulevard. Further down on the right-hand side is the Assumption Cathedral, which was built in the 1940's. The building across from the church used to be a former fire station. Just over the tracks and on the left-hand side is the former Aberdeen School, which is now a flourishing cultural center of galleries, a theatre, a ballet company and an art park.

At the end of St. George Street, turn left onto King until you reach Resurgo Place. The inside façade is the reconstructed entryway of the first City Hall of Moncton. Beside the Museum is the Free Meeting House. This heritage property was originally built in 1821. It was an alternate meeting place other than the tavern for the shipbuilders of the time. Over the years, it became an interdenominational place of worship and still has some original tombstones along the side of the house.

Going back onto King Street and driving until you reach Main Street, will bring you back to Bore Park, which is the new home of our Visitor Information Centre.


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