Skate, Bike & Scooter Parks

Throughout the city, specialty outdoor spaces provide year-round fun for skateboarding, BMX biking, inline skating and scooter-riding enthusiasts. While visiting the city's parks and trails, don't forget to #ShareTheTrail!



parksandleisure [at] (info[at]moncton[dot]ca)

Action Sport Park Strategy

Four locations across the city provide fun and unique recreational experiences for skateboarders, inline skaters, BMX bikers and scooter riders. All parks are open year-round (weather permitting), unsupervised and free:

Downtown Skate Park: Located along Riverfront Park, this varied concrete structure offers fun for skateboarders, scooter riders and freestyle in-line skaters of all ability levels. The park is open until midnight.

CN Sportplexe Bike Park: Located at 55 Russ Howard Dr., this modular space provides a variety of structures for bikers of all ability levels. Open until dusk.

Renton All-Wheels Park: Skateboarders, inline skaters, scooter riders and bikers of all levels enjoy the varied play options on this course. Located at
280 Noel St. Open until dusk.

Lewisville Park Skate Park: Located at 45 Glenmoor Drive, this structure offers varied options for skateboarders, inline skaters, scooter riders and bikers of all levels. The park is open until dusk.

YMCA Moncton North All-Wheels Park: Located at 70 Twin Oaks Dr. This concrete park offers varied options for skateboarders, inline skaters, scooter riders, and bikers of all levels. Open until dusk.


Skate Park Etiquette

Park Users

  1. Be attentive!
  2. Wait your turn.
  3. Be considerate to all other park users.
  4. If you are not on a skateboard/scooter/roller blades, please keep off the skatepark.
  5. Have fun!

Parents / Spectators

  1. Parents of young children should pay extra attention while supervising. (Please limit phone use.)
  2. Please put trash in designated bins.
  3. Report any unsafe or illegal activities to the skatepark leader.
  4. Please spectate from designated seating areas.
  5. RCMP non-emergency line: 506-857-2400


Helmets and elbow pads are required at skate and bike parks. These spaces are unsupervised. Play at your own risk. Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are prohibited.