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Backwater Valve Incentive Program

The City of Moncton is pleased to announce our Backwater Valve Incentive Program allowing homeowner’s to reduce their risk of basement flooding from sewer backup. rebate

The City of Moncton encourages all homeowners to ensure that they have a backwater valve and sump pump with stand-by power isolating their floor drain and sump pit from the City’s sewer system.

The Backwater Valve Incentive Program will provide a $500 rebate towards the installation of an approved backwater valve, as City Council increased the amount of the rebate from $250 to $500.

To get started, please call your Licensed Plumber who will assess your needs and advise you on how to claim your $500 rebate.

In order to qualify for the $500 rebate, all work must be performed by a Licensed Plumber under the terms and conditions of a Plumbing Permit and inspected by the Building Inspection Department.  For complete details, please download the Application Form.

For additional information on measures that the homeowner may take to reduce their risk of basement flooding from sewer backup, please read "The Homeowner’s Guide to Flood Protection" under the Emergency Preparedness section.

For more information, please contact the Building Inspection Department at 506-856-4375.

Backwater Valve Grant Program


Moncton residents who are refused sewer backup insurance may qualify for the installation of a backwater valve at no cost.

This new program, launched by Moncton City Council, is intended for Moncton homeowners who have been denied sewer backup coverage by an insurance company.

For more information about qualifying for the program, please contact the City of Moncton’s Building Inspection Department.







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Application Form

Eligibility Criteria




backwater valve

A City of Moncton-approved normally-open backwater valve (brand name is Mainline and retails for approximately $110 plus HST).