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By-law Enforcement Services

By-law Enforcement Services ensures the conformance to all municipal by-laws, investigates complaints from the public on by-law infringement and, when necessary, enforces the by-laws.

Municipal By-laws

For more information about by-laws or to make a complaint, please contact:

Tel: 506-389-5928
Fax: 506-859-2610
By appointment: City Hall, 655 Main Street 

Ticket Review

If you believe a ticket was issued in error, a written request must be made to By-law Enforcement Services by e-mail at info.enforcement@moncton.ca, by phone at 859-2656 or by mail at:

By-law Enforcement Services
655 Main Street 
Moncton, N.B.  E1C 1E8

The review process provides an explanation as to why the ticket was issued and points out apparent errors that might otherwise go undetected until a court hearing.

The City of Moncton has a by-law enforcement function, not a judicial function, and the review is not designed to duplicate the court system. Rather, its goal is to complement the court process by ensuring that the City is not bringing forward cases where the person appealing the ticket is clearly “not guilty.” 


Apply in person at City Hall, 655 Main Street, for the following licenses: taxis, mobile home parks, vendors and pawnbrokers.


Zoning inquiries should be directed to the Urban Planning department: 506-853-3533.

Animal Control 

For complaints regarding animals running at large, or dogs barking excessively, please contact the Moncton SPCA at 506-857-8698

Building Code

For building code inquiries, or for information relating to buildings or permits, please contact the Building Inspection department:

Tel: 506-856-4375
Fax: 506-856-4357
Address: City Hall (second floor), 655 Main Street