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Downtown Overnight Parking – Pilot Project

From December 1st until April 15, the City of Moncton will be conducting a pilot project to remove the overnight winter parking ban (midnight to 7 a.m.) in the downtown area when conditions warrant.  

The decision to lift the ban will be based on the following factors: 

  • planned snow clearing activities 
  • forecasted weather. 

The pilot project will cover the area from King Street to Vaughan Harvey Boulevard (east to west) and from St. George Street to Assomption Boulevard (north to south). 

Regular overnight parking restrictions in the pilot area will be enforced unless noted otherwise. Motorists will be responsible for verifying if the overnight parking restrictions have been lifted. 

The City will not be responsible for motorists who receive parking tickets if parked overnight when the restrictions are in place.



                = overnight parking allowed

                = overnight parking prohibited


Overnight parking is allowed on the following streets:Parking Allowed - Stationnement permis

Click on the map to enlarge

Albert Street
Alma Street
Archibald Street
Assomption Blvd
Bonaccord Street
Botsford Street
Cameron Street
Campbell Street
Capitol Avenue
Church Street
Cornhill Street
Dominion Street
Downing Street
Eden Street
Elm Street
Euston Street


Fleet Street
Foundry Street
Gordon Street
Harris Street
High Street
Highfield Street
Horton Street
King Street
Lester Street
Lewis Street
Lutz Street
Main Street
McAllen Lane
McDougall Avenue
McMonagle Avenue
Mechanic Street


Oak Street
O’Brien Avenue
Orange Lane
Queen Street
Rabbi Lippa Medjuck Street
Record Street
Robinson Street
Sangster Street
Seymour Street
Sommet Lane
St. George Street
Steadman Street
Victoria Street
Waterloo Street
Weldon Street
Wesley Street
Westmorland Street