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Snow Removal

Moncton is listed as the “sixth snowiest city” in Canada with an average annual snowfall of 349 cm according to Environment Canada. Moncton also tops the list of “most huge snowfall days” of 25 cm or more and ranks ninth in the “most freezing rain days” category.

Snow Clearing - Sidewalk PlowSnow removal is a very complex operation. It involves plowing, salting, loading and hauling to snow dumps, all while providing special consideration for catch basins, bus stops, fire hydrants, pedestrian crossings and key intersections.

Winter operations involve street and sidewalk plowing, anti-icing, salting, blowing, widening, loading and hauling, monitoring (quality control) and dumping of snow as required from various areas throughout the City. It is accomplished in our city by the use of City staff and equipment as well as hired equipment and trucks.

City staff clears 50% off all city streets, mostly in high volume areas. The remaining streets are cleared by contractors hired by the City. Snowplowing operations continue until snow stops falling and all streets are plowed.  Once completed, snow is removed from priority locations, such as intersections, bus stops, fire hydrants and catch basins. Snow is also blown back from the curb’s edge or loaded and hauled to the snow dump when required.

Here is a list of all our snow clearing operations and how we provide each service.

Fire Hydrant clearing
Load and haul
Snow storage facilities



Snow Clearing Maps

Street Snow Clearing

Sidewalk Snow Clearing


Winter Parking Ban

In accordance with the City of Moncton by-law T-310, it is not permitted to park a vehicle on any Moncton street from December 1st to April 15th between midnight and 7 a.m. More info...


Snow Removal Truck Registration

Registration Form 


Temporary No-Parking Zones

Moncton’s plowing and snow hauling policies include daytime temporary no-parking zones. When you see this sign, park elsewhere until the snow clearing operation is completed and signs are removed. Snow clearing can occur up to 24 hours after signs have been posted.

No Parking sign