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Social Inclusion

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Social Inclusion is your right to be useful, respected, accepted, and equal regardless of age, ability, gender, culture, or religion. Social Inclusion means we are all equal; we all have the same rights to take responsibility for our lives.  On the other hand, social exclusion is the process whereby certain groups are pushed to the margins of society and prevented from participating fully by virtue of their poverty, low education or inadequate life skills. 

In our community, many individuals suffer with difficulty in Moncton and its surrounding area because basic needs are not being met. These individuals are typically of low socioeconomic status. Because individuals of low socioeconomic status are not given the same opportunities as their peers, they are often mislabeled and socially excluded from participation within our community. Many times, however, these individuals are simply not having the basic needs met. Many of these individuals may be too worried about when their next meal is or where they are going to sleep that night to even worry about what they need to look like, what their role within the community is, or how to be motivated to achieve an improved quality of life. They are surviving, not living to their full potential.

The potential benefits and outcomes of the Social Inclusion Plan: A Quality of Life for All Monctonians, clearly suggests that we have the potential to improve ourselves in becoming a much more inclusive and welcoming city, we know that with healthier children and families we inevitably have healthier citizens.

Most importantly, the potential benefits here are an increased health and well-being for vulnerable populations.


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