Bidding Opportunities

The City of Moncton provides a list of bidding opportunities posted for goods and services required by the municipality. Vendors must apply on or before each deadline listed. Please refer to bids & tenders for the most up-to-date information.



info.purchasing [at] (info[dot]purchasing[at]moncton[dot]ca)

655 Main St., Moncton, NB E1C 1E8

New online bidding platform

The City of Moncton has transitioned to “bids&tenders”, an online bidding platform that will help make the procurement of products and services more seamless and reliable. Businesses interested in responding to the City of Moncton’s bidding opportunities are encouraged to create an account on

Procurement Policies and Legislation

The City of Moncton’s procurement activities are governed by its Corporate Procurement Policy, and the Province of New Brunswick’s Procurement Act.

How to use the City of Moncton's bids&tenders platform

The City of Moncton has implemented a bilingual electronic bidding platform that will make the procurement of products and services more seamless, providing vendors with a bidding process that’s easier, faster, and more reliable.  

The City of Moncton’s new bids&tenders website will allow suppliers to:

  • register to receive automated notifications of bidding opportunities
  • preview all bid documents and respond to bidding opportunities online
  • submit questions directly through the platform
  • manage, edit, and collaborate on electronic bid submissions in real time
  • view the status of current and upcoming bidding opportunities


Step 1: View Bidding Opportunities

All bidding opportunities issued by the City of Moncton are advertised on the City of Moncton’s bids&tenders website and the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON)

Vendors are not required to create an account on the bids&tenders platform to view the list of current bidding opportunities. 

Vendors must create a bids&tenders account to:

  • preview available bid documents 
  • register as an official “Plan Taker” for a bidding opportunity
  • receive automated notifications concerning a selected bidding opportunity
  • submit an electronic bid response 

Step 2 – Create a Free Account

By creating a free bids&tenders account, vendors will receive automated notifications of new bidding opportunities and can register as an official “Plan Taker” to submit an electronic bid response through the platform. 

Registered “Plan Takers” can also submit questions regarding bidding opportunities directly to the organization. Vendors will be able to manage, monitor, revise, save, and submit their active bid responses through a personalized vendor management dashboard.   

As part of the bids&tenders account registration process, it’s important to:

  • select all categories of goods and services that apply to your business when setting up your account
  • maintain your account and ensure it’s accurate

Vendors can register up to a maximum of 10 representatives from their organization to receive access to the many features and functions available through the bids&tenders platform. 

Step 3 – Registering as a “Plan Taker” to Download Bid Documents

By registering as a “Plan Taker”, the bids&tenders platform will allow the vendor to download and save all documents published by the City of Moncton with respect to each bidding opportunity (i.e. technical specifications and drawings, photos, reports, addenda, etc.). Vendors will also receive automated e-mail notifications if the bidding opportunity is updated by the procurement officer at any point in time. 

The official list of all “Plan Takers” for each bidding opportunity will be available for viewing through the bids&tenders platform. 

Step 4 – Completing an Electronic Bid Submission

  • Register as a “Plan Taker” for the bidding opportunity you are interested in.
  • Download and review all documents associated with the bidding opportunity. 
  • Submit questions through the bids&tenders platform prior to the deadline. Vendors may submit questions in either official language.
  • Complete the numbered step-by-step bid submission forms provided in the bids&tenders platform. Vendors may complete the bid submission forms in either official language.
  • The bids&tenders platform will calculate the applicable sub-total(s) and total bid price(s) as prices are entered or revised by the vendor on the bid forms/pricing tables.
  • Be mindful to save the information entered on the bids&tenders platform. Information entered and saved on the platform can be accessed and revised at any time prior to the official closing date.
  • Preview your bid submission and make final adjustments as required. Your bid may be previewed directly on the bids&tenders website, or by downloading a PDF version of your intended bid submission.
  • The bids&tenders electronic bidding platform will automatically perform a “compliance check” to ensure you have completed all mandatory bid response forms and are submitting a complete and compliant bid.
  • The platform will identify any mandatory areas of your bid submission which are incomplete and provide you with an opportunity to correct errors.
  • You will not be permitted to submit your bid until all “compliance check” errors identified by the bids&tenders platform have been addressed.

Step 5 – Submitting an Electronic Bid

  • Please ensure the person submitting a bid on behalf of the vendor’s organization is authorized to do so, as the electronic bid response is considered a legally binding offer. 
  • Vendors will receive an automated e-mail notification from the bids&tenders platform to confirm receipt of their electronic bid submission.
  • Vendors will have the option to download an electronic copy of their bid submission.
  • Vendors can make changes to their bid submission at any time prior to the closing date by clicking on the “Edit or Withdraw my Submission” link under the “My Bids” menu.
  • If an addendum is issued by the City of Moncton prior to the closing date of the bidding opportunity, the vendor will receive an automated e-mail notification advising them that their bid submission status has automatically been changed to “INCOMPLETE”. 
  • The vendor will be required to log on to the bids&tenders system to:
    • review the addendum document(s)
    • make required adjustments to their original bid submission
    • acknowledge the addendum
    • resubmit their bid prior to the closing date

Step 6 – Viewing Bid Results

  • The unofficial bid results will be published to the City of Moncton’s bids&tenders website once the procurement officer has completed their review of each vendor’s bid submission. 
  • Bid award information will also be published to the bids&tenders website by the procurement officer once the awarding process has been completed. 
  • Bid results and bid award information will also be published to the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON) website. 

Step 7 – Award of Bidding Opportunities

  • The successful bidder(s) will be notified by telephone and/or e-mail by the City of Moncton and will be advised of next steps.  
  • Unsuccessful bidders can request a debrief to determine why their bid was not successful by contacting the procurement officer responsible for the bidding opportunity. 
  • If a bidder feels the procurement process was not conducted in a fair, equitable, and transparent manner, or they believe bid irregularities may exist, the bidder may initiate the bid protest and review process as outlined in “Schedule F” of the City’s Corporate Procurement Policy.