Bulk Waste Collection

The City of Moncton offers a Bulk Waste Collection Program 
that operates on a rotating five-week pickup schedule.

Bulk Waste Collection Program

bulkwaste [at] fero.ca (bulkwaste[at]fero[dot]ca)

The City of Moncton’s Bulk Waste Collection Program provides year-round pickup of large waste items, such as old furniture, appliances, and yard waste. To schedule a pickup, residents must call (506-383-7020) before Friday at 5 pm prior to their bulk waste collection day or fill out a form no later than the Sunday prior to the bulk waste collection day in their neighbourhood.

  • Apartment/condo complexes with more than 5 units, mini-home parks and commercial buildings are not included in the City of Moncton bulk waste collection service.
  • There is a five item limit for each pickup.
  • Black garbage bags are not accepted. 
  • When placing your bulk waste items at the curb, residents must ensure that waste is placed on the side of their property that corresponds with the civic address used to book the collection (and not a side street, for instance). Items are scheduled to be picked up based on civic addresses and ensuring the waste is placed on the proper street avoids delays and interruptions to the collection schedule.
  • Metal items are picked up separately, generally the day after the scheduled collection. 
  • Please note, the City is currently asking that all bulk waste items be placed curbside no earlier than 48 hours, but not before the weekend prior to the scheduled pickup. 


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What We Pick Up/Don't Pick Up

Bulk Waste pick-up includes:

  • Appliances: freezers, washing machines, refrigerators, ranges,
    microwaves, barbeques (but not propane tanks), stoves.
  • Furniture: mattresses and bed springs, couches, chairs, tables.
  • Televisions, radios.
  • Yard waste: bags with yard debris; branches (must be bundled,
    max. 4 ft. and no more than 50 lbs.).
  • Construction materials: drywall, fibreglass insulation, lumber,
    plaster, concrete or other waste residue resulting from construction,
    building renovation or a demolition operation (must be bundled,
    max. 4 ft. and no more than 50 lbs.).
  • Boxes (must not contain any liquid).
  • Sports equipment: bicycles, basketball nets, hockey nets.
  • Large children's toys, strollers.

The following items are considered non-collectable waste. They must be disposed of at either the Southeast Eco 360 facility or dropped off at the Mobile Eco Depot

  • Explosive or highly combustible materials including celluloid cutting,
    moving picture film, or oil or gasoline-soaked rags, etc. 
    (accepted at HHW drop-off).
  • Propane tanks (accepted at HHW drop-off).
  • Recyclable or compostable waste which has not been prepared or
    packaged for collection (i.e. branches, leaves).
  • Computer monitors and other electronic devices 
    (accepted at HHW drop-off).
  • Tires, gas or oil tank, automotive part or body.
  • Car battery (accepted at HHW drop-off).
  • Ash or ashes.
  • Paint, stains, and aerosol cans.
  • Concrete and rocks.

Bulk Waste Collection Form

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