City of Moncton Grant Application

City of Moncton Grant Application

Organizations eligible for a City of Moncton grant are outlined in the City of Moncton Grant Policy.

Please note that the following types of organizations are not eligible to apply for this grant category:

  • Individuals;
  • Government agencies;
  • For-profit groups;
  • Any application aligned with any political party or to support programs or services thereof;
  • Any application aligned with any religious affiliation, or to support programs or services thereof;
  • Commercial ventures; and
  • Groups using the funds to operate the program, project or operation predominantly outside of the City.
  • You have the option to save a draft copy of your application by clicking “save draft” at the bottom of this application.

It is strongly recommended to type your answers into a Word Document to be saved and pasted into your online application once your application is finalized to ensure your information can be saved properly.

Before submitting your form for consideration, you will be able to preview your application. It is recommended to print your application at that time if you are not using a Word Document to ensure you have a copy of your application. You will be emailed a copy of your application upon submitting. It will be sent to the email noted in the contact information of this form. 

Required sections are noted with a *. These fields must be completed in order to submit an application.

*Please note — the 2024 application process has not yet opened.