Earth Day Cleanup Instructions

Thank you for registering for the earth day cleanup! Here are your next steps:

  • You can pick up your cleaning kits in the Moncton Coliseum parking lot on April 19 and 20 from 12 - 6 pm. 

  • Each kit includes 2 blue garbage bags, 6 clear garbage bags, 5 pairs of gloves and an instruction card. 

  • You can clean up your specific zone between April 22 and April 24, 2022 (within park hours).

  • Once you are finished cleaning your zone, call the City of Moncton Dispatch line at 506-859-2643 indicating the location of the garbage bags, and the City will pick them up. If the Eco360 'Nettoyage 360 Clean' trailer is parked in your area, you can leave your garbage bags with them. 

  • Leave your garbage bags near garbage cans if there are some located on site. Please leave nothing behind other than the waste collected.


Did you find a used needle? 


Do not place any needles in waste collection garbage bags. Instead, please opt for one of the safe options below:

  1. Arrange safe pick-up by sending a Facebook message to the group Needle Awareness with a photo and the location of the used needle.

  2. Call the City of Moncton’s 24/7 Dispatch Centre at 506-859-2643 to report the used needle. 

  3. Fill out the quick and easy online form at:


We would like to thank you for your participation in the Earth Day Cleanup and hope you have a great day!