Climate Action Working Group

The goal of this working group is to assist with the identification and implementation of actions that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The deadline to apply is January 21. 

Environmental Planning and Management

655 Main St., Moncton, NB E1C 1E8


Climate Action Report




Application Criteria


  • Applicants must not be employees of the City of Moncton

  • Applicants must live in the City of Moncton

  • Applicants should have experience or expertise in one or more of the following subject matters: energy efficiency, renewable energy, district energy systems, environmental stewardship, sustainable development, alternative transportation and mobility, energy policy, environmental policy, carbon emissions reduction, and/or other related areas.

  • Applicants should be able to serve for the full term of the appointment (about 1-3 years)


Time commitment


Committee members are expected to attend monthly meetings and review related documents beforehand. This can equal anywhere from 2 to 8 hours per month.




To fulfill its mandate, it is anticipated the Working Group will, among other things: 

  • Identify and advise on ways to grow community climate action awareness;

  • Provide a forum for dialogue and information sharing related to climate action;

  • Investigate opportunities for the community to reduce GHG emissions; 

  • Engage the community and promote the reduction of GHG emissions and community energy initiatives; 

  • Provide recommendations to Council on policies and strategic initiatives that relate to climate change mitigation (GHG emissions reduction);

  • Assist with the implementation of the City’s Climate Action Plan 2020;

  • Build partnerships to advance the implementation of the Climate Acton Plan;

  • Provide advisory input to City staff and Council on matters related to GHG emissions reduction and sustainable development;

  • Any other environment or climate matter referred to the Working Group by City Council.