Event Permits

Events taking place on municipal property often require permits. Permits such as temporary structures, street closures, alcohol or food service. 

The City of Moncton has an Event Application Form that event organizers will need to submit at least 90 days before the event to allow for processing and approval by Moncton City Council.

Tents, temporary structures & inflatables

Underground utilities

If you plan on installing tents, temporary structures or inflatables that require you to peg or dig into the ground deeper than 15 cm (6 in), you need to obtain underground locates from the following utility providers to protect yourself and the infrastructure:

Bell Aliant: 1.844.224.8344
Enbridge Gas: 1.800.994.2762
City of Moncton Utilities & Parks: 506.859.2643
NB Power: 1.800.442.4424

Street closures

  • Moncton has a number of great venues to host events of varying size and scope. Event organizers are encouraged to explore these established Event Zones.
  • Some events may require a street closure.
  • To request a street closure for your event, please submit the Event Application Form, which includes the following details, at least 90 days in advance:
    • Reason for request.
    • Date and times.
    • Proposed area.
    • Proposed security plan.
  • Event organizers are responsible for all associated street closure costs (security or other required services).

Permit to serve alcohol/liquor

There are two steps to obtaining a liquor licence:

  1. Submit an Event Application Form to the City of Moncton.
  2. Apply to the Province of New Brunswick for your licence.
  3. Before a liquor license can be issued, the proposed set-up of the licenced area must be approved by a Fire Prevention officer. Contact the Department of Fire Prevention at least 45 days in advance to start the discussion
    • As part of this process, an on-site inspection by a Fire Prevention Officer will be required and must be requested at least 10 business days in advance.
  4. Please contact the New Brunswick Department of Health to determine the number of washroom units required in your event’s licenced area.

Permit to serve food

If you plan on having food vendors at your event, please ensure they have a valid permit from the New Brunswick Department of Health.


Public Tent Structure Permit

Noise By-Law Exemptions

Any event that will create excessive noise past 11 p.m. or before 7 a.m. requires an exemption to the Noise By-Law.
BY-LAW H-102