City Organization

City Departments keep the city working and ensure that residents have a safe and healthy community to live in.

Office of the City Manager

The link between elected officials and City staff.

The Office of City Manager oversees the running of the city through its various departments. It also acts on behalf of the City in working with City Council to ensure it receives the appropriate information needed to make educated decisions.

City Manager

  • Marc Landry

Also Reporting to the City Manager

  • Bruce Tait, General Manager of Community Safety Services (Acting)
  • Laurann Hanson, General Manager of Corporate Services
  • Jack MacDonald, General Manager of Engineering and Environmental Services
  • Jacques Doucet, General Manager of Finance and Administrative Services
  • Nick Robichaud, General Manager of Legal and Legislative Services 
  • Catherine Dallaire, General Manager of Recreation, Culture and Events
  • Economic Development and Immigration
  • Special Projects

Community Safety Services

Police, fire, urban planning and by-law enforcement.

Police support services, Moncton Fire Department, Codiac Transpo, By-Law Enforcement, Urban Planning and Emergency Measures Office are part of Community Safety Services.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police provides police support services to the community.

Moncton Fire Department operates five fire stations across the city. In addition to responding to emergencies, staff provides fire prevention and safety education to the public. This includes Fire Prevention Week, a Smoke Detector Campaign and Fire Awareness Program over the Christmas holidays.

Codiac Transpo provides safe and efficient public transit service to more than 130,000 residents throughout the Great Moncton area. 

By-Law Enforcement ensures City by-laws are followed and enforces them as needed. This includes parking lots and meters, as well as commercial and residential building code matters. It also enforces animal control by-laws.

Urban Planning has the mandate to ensure appropriate city infrastructure growth. It oversees land-use planning, zoning and neighbourhood development, as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation plans.  

The Emergency Measures Organization prepares and responds to incidents that can affect the safety and well-being of residents. This includes managing serious incidents such as hurricanes, floods and major power outages. If an incident occurs, this office collaborates with experts in different City departments to manage the situation.

Engineering and Environmental Services

Planning, design and maintenance of infrastructure and water supply.

The City’s largest department, Engineering and Environmental Services, designs, constructs and maintains the City’s infrastructure and utilities. This includes water and sewer services, road construction, parking and maintenance of all City-owned properties. The Department also ensures that environmental practices are followed so that the City’s infrastructure will be sustainable for years to come. The Department oversees all aspects of infrastructure care:

  • Design and Construction
  • Environmental Planning and Management
  • Facilities
  • Public Works
  • Water and Wastewater Utilities

Finance and Administration

City budgets and internal operations.

Within the Department, there are several divisions that manage City finances and administration.

Treasury acts as the financial advisor for City Council, the City Manager, the various civic departments. 

The Purchasing Department oversees the purchase of supplies and services needed to run the City. This includes managing tenders, quotes and requests for proposals from third-party vendors. 

The Revenue Office bills and collects payments on behalf of the City. This includes water and sewer bills, parking tickets as well as payments for licenses and permits. 

The Administration division of the Finance Department provides administrative support to the Recreation, Culture and Events Department, as well as the Public Works Department.

Human Resources and Corporate Services

Staff management, communications and information systems.

The Human Resources and Corporate Services Department oversees City staff, as well as Communications, Information Systems, Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects.

Human Resources
This department manages all aspects of an employee’s experience with the City, such as:

  • Recruitment
  • Labour Relations and Contract Negotiations
  • Employee Relations
  • Training and Development
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Employee Benefits
  • Human Resources Development

Employment Opportunities, Internal Applicants
Employment Opportunities, External Applicants 

Corporate Communications
This department oversees internal and external communications, in English and French, and informs the community about city activities and issues. The communications role includes:

  • Media Relations
  • Community Information
  • Communications Support for Council Activities
  • Issues Management and Crisis Communications
  • Website and Social Media Communications
  • Promotion of City Activities and Events
  • Monitoring and Response to Public Feedback

Information Systems
Overseeing all technical infrastructure, this department also recommends and implements technology strategies for all City Departments, Boards, Commissions and Agencies. Information Systems main areas of service are:

  • Strategy – Aligning technical solutions with Strategic Plan objectives.
  • Business Solutions – Managing the City’s secure information systems.
  • Technology and Infrastructure – Overseeing computer processing and data communications infrastructure.  
  • Geoinformatics -  Providing mapping and analysis services, as well as maintaining related attribute data sets.

Strategic Initiatives
The Strategic Initiatives Department provides proactive research into issues aimed at improving the effectiveness and overall efficiency of the City. This includes:

  • Corporate Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Policy Research and Recommendation
  • Ad Hoc Committee Representation
  • Guide and Support to Committees of Council

Special Projects
From time to time, the City of Moncton participates in special projects that fall under the responsibility of Corporate Services. These projects focus on improving corporate efficiencies in the functioning of City Departments and the corporation overall.

Internal Auditor

Ensures accountability to citizens.

The Internal Auditor is an independent position that operates under international professional standards to ensure accountability by the City to its residents.

The Internal Auditor regularly reviews City activities to ensure that it follows policies and procedures in
its work on behalf of citizens. This role includes examining all aspects of city governance and its ability to deliver services. The Internal Auditor also investigates fraudulent activities and other areas where there
is the concern of misconduct.

Legal and Legislative Services

Legal matters and counsel.

Legal and Legislative Services supports City staff and elected officials by providing advice on legal matters and managing negotiations that require legal expertise, including for insurance matters and
real estate. T
his department provides:

  • Legal advice to City Council and its committees;
  • Legal advice to City administration;
  • Legal representation on behalf of the City before the courts and administrative tribunals, boards
    nd commissions;
  • Legal services in other matters such as negotiations, acquisitions, risk management and
    insurance matters.

Individuals wanting to make a claim against the City must fill out a form that is to be submitted to the
Legal and Legislative Services Department.

Recreation, Culture and Events

City green spaces, sports, festivals and events.

The Recreation, Culture and Events Department oversees all aspects of recreational activity in the city.   

With a mission to ensure that all residents have access to quality green spaces, arts and culture, as well as recreational activities, the Recreation, Culture and Events Department provides the quality of life amenities that residents have come to expect. This includes the maintenance and operation of:

  • Multi-Use Parks and Trails
  • World Class Sports and Entertainment Facilities
  • Community Centres, Arenas and Ice Surfaces
  • Playgrounds and Play Parks
  • Splashpads and Swimming Pools
  • Recreational Programming
  • Museums and Galleries
  • The Moncton Farmers’ Market
  • Concerts, Festivals and Community Events