Organizations that provide support to city programs or enhance residents' quality of life may be eligible for a municipal grant. 

The City offers a variety of grants to assist community groups dedicated to helping improve the lives of citizens. Organizations wishing to apply for a grant can do so by filling out an application form. Applications are reviewed throughout the year and evaluated through a scoring matrix that identifies how a project or program supports the community.

Multi-Year or Major (One-Year) Grant

Questions? Contact the City Clerk's Office at 506.853.3550 or by email

Quality of Life/Social Inclusion Grants

Questions? Contact the Parks and Leisure Services department at 506.383.6223 or by email

Cultural Grants

Questions? Contact the Culture division at 506.859.2626 or by email

Immigration Grants

Questions? Contact the Economic Development Office at 506.389.5937 or by email


Questions? Contact the Heritage Officer at 506.856.4375 or by email

Questions? Contact the Tourism division at 506.877.7700 or by email

Questions? Contact the Events Division at 506.877.7700 or by email

Questions? Contact the YMCA of Greater Moncton at 506.857.0606 or by email